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Smacked right in my 2nd Trimester….


Woah! A blink and it’s already October. My last post was in July! While I managed to write in my first trimester, hitting the 2nd trimester was getting into me. A few challenges hit us as we had to navigate through this pregnancy. A few scares + exhaustion + nausea over took me. Yes, you read it right. I’m still experiencing morning sickness although it is certainly a lot better as the weeks goes by. Things are certainly looking up and I’m feeling much better. 

I haven’t stopped cooking and baking. If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you will noticed that I’m still cooking away. Even more so as I went on gumtree and bought Thermomix. Yes! After hesitating for 2 years, we decided that I will need another sous chef as we approach being parents of 2. My food processor is starting to show it’s age after 7+ years of weekly use so we decided to splurge on a fancy machine. 

My post today though is an update of how I have been managing fitness and food through the 2nd trimester. I still have not yet weighed myself but using clothes and what I can do as workout as a gauge. 

What has not changed?

  • I still workout 4-5 times a week. 
  • I continue to do boxing, HITT, weight training and metabolic conditioning
  • We continue to eat with a focus of nutrition
  • My meals and snacks are usually planned out 

What has changed?

  • My workouts have been modified. At week 20, I realised I can’t do full burpees anymore. At week 22, I get an odd sensation even doing a modified burpeee (without pushups). I regressed and do squat with a wall pushups. I’m finding I can’t run as much, or do jumping lunges/squats. Abs workout are more pilates core movements. 
  • I take breaks and slow down. If I have a harder workout on Monday, Tuesdays are gentler.
  • I eat more carbs. On the days I work out, or the morning after, I tend to indulge with two slices of sprouted bread. 
  • If I feel more hungry, I eat. I don’t use to have morning tea, but I find that I do get hungry 2-3 hours, so it is better to anticipate it and have something ready than to eat “whatever”. 
  • My snacks have changed. I eat even more protein. I snack on eggs, greek yogurt, cheese, nut butters, bananas, nuts, avocado… Basically, it has more variety and I’m eating more often. I’m eating more dairy simply because I feel like it. 
  • I try to sleep more. 
  • I drink a lot of ginger tea
  • My coffee intake has decreased. Probably an average of 2 coffees a week. 

Compared to my last pregnancy, I certainly do not get the cravings for refined carbohydrates as much. Perhaps it is about reading my body better, or by increasing unrefined carbs, it get what it needs. 

My mood has been terrible for the first 20 weeks. I felt that I was walking in a cloudy haze, feeling absolutely miserable. Constant nausea, exhaustion, and trying to meet my expectations of how I do my job, operate at home and being a present focus mum was so not working. Many times I resorted to the I-baysitter, using devices to keep Ash entertain while I lie on the couch. I even fell asleep reading him a story before! Poor kid. Learning how to scale back and say no was something that has never been easy for me. It was also what prompted me to take a break from blogging and just focus on getting my health back on track. I take naps when I do get Ash down for one. If I’m unwell, I totally stop exercising for a few days. I started scaling back on some commitments. 

I’m not sure when I will be back writing. I do still want to use this space to reflect on this pregnancy and document more food experiments. I’m still very much active on Facebook and Instagram so please hop that that see more. Till the next time, take care 🙂 


img_4587Me and Bump at around 20 weeks


Pumpkin Pancakes (Paleo, Gluten Free, Clean eating) + Update on views of fitness and food

Pumpkin PancakesIt’s nearly the end of the year. I thought I would like to update myself (and if you are reading) about my thoughts on fitness, food and body image. I have written about scales talkfood judgement, and also my fitness routine. Things have changed since Feb 2015! 

There are many reasons. One is that I truly believe fitness is a journey. It does sound cliche, but the more I work out, the more I’m realising other reasons to do so. Yes, it started off as aesthetics, then it was the fear of returning to where I was. Gradually it became a competition with myself on how far I can push my body. Now, I’m at a space where I work out to feel good, be healthy, have energy, be strong and have fun. Do I want to pump out more pull ups? Oh you bet I do! Do I want to run faster, yep or tackle heavier weights? it’s there.

I have also learned though, that it is ok to take breaks. I used to feel SO bad about missing a session. Now, if I missed one, over the weekdays, I might choose to let it go, do something on my usual rest day, or turn on a HITT session. A good stretch or remedial massage is a fitness session too. 

Another big change is that my really really awesome gym closed in July 2015. I.grieved.big.time. Thankfully, the people that I work out together felt the same way and so we decided to do something about our grief and channelled it into our own workout sessions. We even have a name! I just have to remember it. 

I have a workout buddy now too. We decided that we want to continue the momentum and practice kettle bells. We bought some equipment and transformed one of my living areas into a home gym. 

My current work out routine

Monday- Metcon

Tuesday- Weights/Kbs

Wednesday- Boxing

Thursday- HITT or KBs

Friday- Rest day

Saturday- boxing

Sunday- Rest day 

Active rest days are the best. I walk, swim, run around, dance with Asher or do a BIG stretch. 

The biggest change of course is probably my mindset. 

I tracked food in June after discovering a couple of my pants became a little too tight (aka bursting) for my liking. I turned a notch down in snacking and returned to just sensible 3 meals with a snack before workout. I practiced being kind to myself and slip a coffee when I need or feel like one instead of berating myself for too much caffeine. I savoured dark chocolate and ate my berries. I continued to do what I used to do- which is to ask myself is the food item for pleasure or nourishment or both. Enjoying my food rather than freaking out.

I stopped weighing myself. 

Surprise surprise. My pants fit, I’m feeling better and I actually conquered turkish get ups. Plus hit a few PB with lifting weights. 

So what’s next?

  • Install a pull up bar
  • Continue to practice sensible eating. 
  • Continue with weights and hopefully able to deadlight heavier 
  • Be kind to self

Speaking of kindness, we are not in the US and I am more than aware that pumpkin season is sort of over. Here in my household though, it feels like pumpkin season is weekly. Asher is into pancakes and here is my attempt to include in a good dose of antioxidants and beta-carotene  in him. A dollop of coconut yogurt or yogurt completes it. Or if you are Asher, plain is the best way. 

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Raw Carrot Cake Bites

Raw carrot cake bitesThere are many raw treats popping up around Perth at the moment. I have my favourites- mainly those that does not use agave as a sweetener. I prefer the use of honey, rice malt, medjool dates or coconut sugar. While there are debates between the level of fructose in each kind of sweetener, I think it is best to use common sense and your taste buds to guide you. Agave does not sit well with me and neither does stevia. Personally, I think that whichever one you choose, less is more. IMG_2624 (640x427)

I love carrot cake. Maybe it is the deception of the goodness of carrots in a cake, but to me, that is comfort food. When hubby and I were in our university days, I fell terribly sick once. I hardly got out of bed and did not have appetite for any thing. Except for a big slice of carrot cake. Well, ok, that one slice was my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fast forward to 14 years later, I still love a good slice of carrot cake. My taste buds have change of course and I’m finding most cakes are too sweet for me- to the point that I’m unable to enjoy the flavour of the cake while my tastebuds is stinging from the sugar hit. IMG_2630 (640x427)

Still, you can tell my love for it prevailed. For Asher’s full moon celebration, I made carrot cupcakes with cream cheese yogurt swirl. I did as similar layered cake for his 2nd year birthday when it was the combination of carrot and apple that won me over. 

So I guess it is no surprise that I would attempt to make a raw version of carrot cake. If you follow my instagram, you probably noticed that I made one before. My experiment of using  didn’t work the way I envisioned it to be (i know..what was I thinking). This round, I combined coconut butter with coconut milk and it worked so much better. Cream cheese wouldn’t hurt too I am sure. IMG_2625 (640x427)

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Rosewater Greek Yogurt Cheesecake with Rhubarb and Strawberry Compote + We live a simple life

Rosewater Greek Yogurt CheesecakeMy love for food makes me want to write about it. What makes me passionate about healthy living is the change I see in myself and my family through this journey. I had bit of a giggle though, when I realised the image I may have portrayed. 

Perhaps a mix of hippy, health conscious, passion filled foodie? Or a health freak? Either way, I want to share that eating right and moving right is not rocket science (although there is science behind it!). It is an effort. Though an effort worthwhile. It is also simple. Yes we avoid gluten, processed food and added sugar mainly. IMG_2305 (640x427)

We embrace protein, vegetables and fruits. We also adore dashes of dairy, rice and even some legumes (mmm…peanut butter) from time to time. Simply put, we listen to our bodies and eat accordingly. There isn’t any right or wrong. What we do know is that we feel the best when we eat heaps of vegetables, some meat and seafood. 

I haven’t put out my meal plan for ages but our meals typically look like this with different options:


2 soft boiled eggs with smoked salmon and sauerkraut. (Or if u r Asher, sometimes he wants 3 eggs)

Greek yogurt with passionfruit or blueberries with my home made granola

the boys might have my home made banana bread/loaf that I made

Asher might have avocado and banana or grilled mushrooms with avocado 



Whatever we had for dinner before

Afternoon tea

Chia pudding with berries or with home made granola 

handful of nuts 

or whatever I baked/make 

nearly always with my almond milk coffee 


Roast chicken + Roast vegetables

Curry + stir fry vegetables + 6 hour slow cooked chinese clear soup of some form (radish and chinese mushrooms last night) 

Pulled pork + spag squash + roasted kale chips 

“Pad thai” Pork with kelp and zucchini noodles

Pork Hock Kale, Carrot and Capsicum Soup

Grilled fish with spinach and avocado salad 

After dinner

Fruits + tea

Dark chocolate

Whatever it is, it is just simple food. I think it is laughable that it is so simple. I find it hard to share or post my dinner ideas because they are that easy. IMG_2300 (640x427)

The other day, I made a greek yogurt cheesecake. YEP! Totally not paleo. Maybe borderline being clean but it was so yummy. I love a good cheesecake but often find them too sweet and heavy. I also like my raw desserts but I think it is bit of an overkill of nuts. I had a sense of achievement when it came out with NO cracks! 

Now, I just have to replicate this again and again!

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Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta (Gluten Free, Clean Eating)

IMG_2079 (640x427)There is a myth out there that if you are eating well and exercising well, you will look good. Fundamentally, I think the concept rings true. Looking after yourself comprises more than that though. Often I have heard comments about how why should I worry about how I look or feel if I am exercising well, and eating good? 

Everyone probably knows when they feel a little “off”. That usually means you are not functioning and operating at an optimal level that you know you can. For me, I have noticed that in the past 6 months or so, I have become more sluggish with a more noticeable lower belly. I believe I have been working out well, and managing my food pretty ok. However, I know that something isn’t quite right as I’m increasingly feeling heavier, with not quite my usual self. 

A quick check with my food diary indicate that I’m sub consciously snacking more. A quick reduction of that and more food planning appears to make a difference. I still feel off though and when I finally have a chance to think through what has been going on, it hit me. IMG_2084 (640x427)


That quiet enemy of mine. 

Over the past few months, there has been some level of uncertainty in our household. We had a few pending changes with my work, having to make some tricky decisions around routines, my gym closing down, stress at work itself and nursing Asher through a few minor colds have threw me off. On top of hubby’s work stress, and our juggle with parenthood and sleep deprivation in general, stress have creeped up on me. For me, it was the feeling that I’m not able to be “the best I can be” and having to compromise both at home and work. I really struggle with that feeling. IMG_2081 (427x640)

That heaviness on my lower belly- I remember now. I had 3.5 years ago when I was tired and feeling over it at work. With my previous diagnosis of PCOS, my body is just simply more sensitive to cortisol. 

I’m managing better now, and needing to have quiet time more often than before. It did however, reinforce my thoughts and feelings about health, self image and food in general. It is not often as simple as “eat well and exercise well”. It is mostly, but there are certainly many factors in play. IMG_2083 (427x640)

You would have also noticed that I am introducing more dairy and some grains in our diet. Our family seem to work well with this ratio. Banning and saying ‘No” completely has never worked well in our books. That way, we get to read our bodies and judge what it can process and digest. 

I had some left over greek yogurt and did not want to waste it. Whisking some gelatine through and ta dah! A wonderful after dinner treat that tastes indulgent! IMG_2087 (640x427)

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Choc Chip Chickpea Cookies (Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free) + Working Mum Guilt

IMG_1720 (640x427)We were having a conversation about the working mum guilt. I’m not talking about the feeling I have walking away from my son as he settles in day care. I’m talking about the kinda of guilt I feel at work. 

The flexibility that I receive at work is amazing. If Asher is sick, I can shift things around- sometimes working evenings and even on days that I’m not supposed to be on. Mostly, it is a system of trust. As long as I get my work done, and I’m contactable, the organisation is happy. There is also a certain accountability where I let people know what I’m doing and where I am. I think that is fair. 

The other side of the coin is that with a flexible work place, it means the expectation is that we have to respond to the organisation’s flexibility. Changing work days, times and training days to suit. While we can always say no, I often find myself saying yes because I think it is only fair that the organisation and myself work together collaboratively.

There are times though, that I remind myself to say no. It’s very easy to let time and tasks get away and suddenly, it gets stressful trying to coordinate everyone’s timetable. That is when the sneaky guilt sets in. Being part time makes me more aware of each hour I have is precious- more in a being productive way. It does, however, feel “less productive” as naturally, things are sometimes completed slower with less days in the week. The momentum can get lost by the time I returned to the topic that was on hand 2 days back. 

On the others side of the coin, this allows me to take a breather from the topic at hand. It allowed me to slow down to sit on the issue for a little and not react. 

My dear husband reminded me the other day, that part of the reason why I choose to do part time work is to be present with Asher. To enjoy our little family and channel my energy in attuning to us. He said he noted that as proud of him with the way I handle work and home, he observed that while physically I’m not working, my brain is there. I was “slowing down and thinking”. 

There is a common perception that part time mummies have it easy. The perfect work life balance so it seems. I think on many levels, that is true. I like it that my brain is used for something other than mummy and family duties- and that I’m impacting on other families. I love the flexibility and the evidenced based focus. I believe though, that we work hard for it. I may not be at work, but my mind drifts to work at times because it makes my work day more efficient. I have already thought about it and am ready to action. 

At the back of my head, there is that voice. The voice that tells me that I’m not doing my best at work or at home. I feel torn. The exhaustion is part of trying to juggle both. Is there such thing as work life balance? Perhaps. One thing for sure, it means I have to take the good with the bad. I have great weeks and not so great weeks, and that is ok. After all, I’m role modelling to my little boy on how to say no, switch off, and have strong work ethics. 

Speaking of my little boy, I discovered this chickpea cookies recipes a few months back. A good and close friend shared it with me. Now, we are not big wheat or legumes eaters. Mostly we avoid it. I know that legumes can be inflammatory hence less is more. From time to time, we have it and it seems to sits ok with us. This is one of those occasion. Plus I was curious! 

The result was a moist, fudgy cookie! The texture was crumby just like a cookie should be! I used mayvers nut butter and tahini  and it worked a treat. I think if I added in a full 1/2 cup tahini, it would have been too bitter. IMG_1721 (640x427)

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Earl Grey Hazelnut Cranberry Biscotti + Update on my workout routine (Paleo, Gluten Free, Clean Eating)

IMG_1586 (640x427)My exercise regime has changed in recent times. Since 2015, I decided to mix it up and throw in an additional work out session. 

Mondays- Met con

Tuesdays- Metcon

Wednesday- Boxing

Thursday- Metcon

Friday- Active recovery. Walks and stretches

Saturday- Boxing

Sunday- Active Recover. Walks and stretches.


If I decided not to head to a metcon session on Monday, hubby and I will turn out pop sugar fitness or “PT in my Pocket” app, and select a short sharp workout from there. 

It took a little adjustment when I increased training days to 5 sessions a week. Because metabolic conditioning and boxing can be quite high intensity and let’s face it- exercise can be a form of stress, the body can fatigue easily. More is not always the best solution. 

Some signs that I’m careful about include- feeling tired, muscle stiffness, decrease mobility, the feeling of dread when heading to the gym. 

IMG_1583 (427x640)I learned that it is ok to pull back at the gym sometimes. Yes, I might have a few sessions that I’m out there and wanting to smash things. However, I can also go at a 80% pace at times. Those 80% pace or slight modified workouts are gold. It helps the body to calibrate, move and adjust. It means giving my body respect that it needs time to do what it needs to do for strength to be built up. 

Food wise? I tend to eat more clean carbs on workout days. Following my boxing or met con, I would have a little rice, sweet potato or pumpkin. That fuels me up and helps to feed my muscles that have worked hard. On active recovery days, I reduce those carbs but still eat clean. One thing that does not change- I still have my dark chocolate on most nights of the week. Other times, hot tea and a lovely crisp biscotti to chew on.IMG_1591 (640x427)

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Dark Chocolate Macadamia Pistachio Happy Cookies + Thoughts on guilt (Paleo, Clean Eating, Gluten Free)

IMG_1530 (427x640)Hello APRIL! Are you kidding me or is it that we are done with 1/4 of the year already? Soon we will be talking about Christmas shopping and cooking again. 

I’m all chilled at the moment as we are on our holidays. Grandparents looking after Asher. Good food, fresh juices and home made broths. Yes, it’s awesome getting spoilt. 

Self care is under rated. Self care SHOULD be emphasised more. I was talking to hubby one evening about the awful feeling of guilt. 

IMG_1534 (640x427)GUILT

-The feeling I get when I have to ask hubby to take a day off to look after Asher because I have some work meetings that would be difficult to reschedule. 

– Leaving a pile of clothes not sorted or folded for a few days.

– Ironing pile appears to be bigger

– Hubby getting up in the middle of the night to re settle Asher.

– Asking hubby to get up to re settle Asher when I was coughing 

– Scheduling a hair cut, getting a pedicure done or a massage.

– Thinking that I can always do MORE with Asher. I would love to organise more sensory play with him.

– Flopping onto my sofa and just want to do nothing but drink tea and watch mindless TV. 

-Having that extra coffee

– Working more hours= less time for Asher. Working less hours = less contribution to our household. 

– Not calling my grandaunty enough

– Not calling my dad on weekdays enough

– Not messaging or touching base with my friends enough IMG_1537 (640x427)

It seems that on some days, everywhere I turn, the feeling of guilt could lurk. Hubby turned to me and said that no one puts that on me but myself. How true is that. 

On reflection, my feelings of guilt would occur more when I’m feeling tired and run down. On a car ride one day, hubs said that from his perspective, he sees that everything is running fine and Asher is flourishing..and then bam! He realised that I have kept it all up but forget that it is me that needs to chilled.

SELF CARE. Best two words ever.

No more running errands just for the family on any precious day or few hours that I have off without Asher occasionally. No more blaming or thinking that I can do better. Truth is, I can always do better- there is always something to thrive for. Right now, I want to thrive for rest and recovery. Right now, I’m going to be kind to myself, enjoy the food, enjoy my friends and time with my family, quick workouts and some awesome shopping time. 

And that will make me a better wife, mother, friend and daughter. 

No guilt. 

I made these little cookies for a friend who was feeling a little run down. No guilt. Just some happy pistachios, dark chocolate and macadamias with coconut oil- full of happy ingredients. IMG_1536 (640x427)

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Salted Caramel “Cheesecake + Scales Talk (Paleo, Gluten Free, Raw)

IMG_1466 (640x427)When I started my post baby weight lost journey, it was a clear goal. Lose the weight and stay strong. Fast forward 20 months later, I have more than lost my baby weight and is stronger than before. Has it been easy? Nope. Did it bring up some demons? Yes. 

I spoke about my struggle with the scales. Since Dec 2014, I have not stepped on it. Working on my strength gives me a separate focus and I try not to dwell too much on it. It’s a mind game that I’m conscious about. 

What are some of the reasons why I choose not to step on the scales?IMG_1472 (640x427)

– My body fat is not real low, but low enough for me to be ok with it at the moment. Given that I had (I’m hoping it is a thing in a past although it is more management than anything) PCOS, it is not ideal for me to go too low as it may create havoc to the balance of other hormones. If we ever do have another baby, some body fat will be beneficial to support a pregnancy. 

– I have lost more than enough weight. I’m in a privilege position where I am healthy and definitely not overweight. 

– I am mindful that it may become an obsession. 

– I do not want a number to rule how I feel. Not being on the scales makes me more intune with how my body is going rather than relying my judgement on a number. 

–  I do not want my son to grow up thinking that his mummy is self conscious and focus on a scale. As a Christian, I am mindful that I certainly do not want to worship any other idols including my own body- and I do not want my son to see that. 

– My goals have changed. It’s about functional performance. Some things are harder to measure through scales. I will not find what I’m after by chasing a number. Sure my muscle mass may increase or body fat may go a little higher or lower as a result of my consistent hard work at the gym. It is what I DO daily that matters and may influence the numbers- not the other way round.IMG_1486 (640x427)

So the results of my 3 months experiment? 

I’m not perfect and there are times I’m tempted to stand on scales to see how I’m progressing. Then I stopped and distract myself by hopping straight into the shower instead. In terms of strength, I’m pleased to report I’m doing full push ups more often than none, thrusting at least a 16 kg bar, and deadlifting close to 60kg (above my body weight woohoo!) in multiple reps. In Metcon, we do a mix of multiple reps (like 20x) and single heavy reps. In endurance tasks, I’m rowing quicker and running faster. I’m finishing my drills faster now which is usually a sign of increase in endurance and strength. I’m not quite there yet and hope to be more efficient and proficient drills-although the best compliment someone gave me the other day was that I’m probably close to beating his numbers. Boxing remains a joy and I’m throwing heavier punches. 

There are always things to improve on but right now, these are the changes that I can see. At the end of the day, it’s progress I’m after. Stepping on the scales does not give me that. It will be battle from time to time, but right now.. I get to celebrate. Just celebrate the little wins I have. 

I made this cake for hubby’s birthday celebration. It was so yummy that I was jumping in the kitchen. I still have some slices left in the freezer which if you excuse me, I might just have a few bites…IMG_1488 (640x427)

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Poached Pears in Orange Juice

IMG_1016 (640x427)

Do you have days where you feel low? The physical and emotional energy seems to have drained from you? Recently I have days like this. I’m usually a person filled with energy and positivity. Occasionally, I feel lousy and wiry. I dislike feeling this way because I don’t identify myself with those emotions at all.

So I did a mental mind map (those will who I work with will call that a FIT tool) (pps- I just realised it can be a pun- FIT as in FIT for physical and emotional health). What could be some of the reasons?

– Perhaps I’m more tired physically. Asher’s molars are emerging and our sleep is a little …. less ideal. (and he isn’t a great sleeper to begin with!)

– Food. I have started eating more as I realised I have not been fuelling my body sufficiently. I have new physical goals to be stronger and I suspect food is holding me back. Now you would think eating more clean food will help me feel better but I believe it brought up some of my old insecurities about my self image.

– Weighing scale. I have stopped weighing myself. Ever since I won the challenge, I stopped counting calories and learned how to read my body on hunger cues. Now is my next step, not weighing myself a few times a week.

– Which brings me to the next point, self image. The above two points means I feel slightly out of control (I think). Which leads to those thoughts about feeling “heavier” or “I have gained weight since I’m eating more”.

– Work. I have added more hours to work, which also means a slight re adjustment to routine and schedules.

– At the gym, I’m trying to “upped the ante”, lifting more, snatching slightly heavier… and realising that my technique needs refinement. All well and good BUT it brought out another weakness of mine… impatience. The “not getting it” and “not being perfect” does stress me out!

– Sore- erm, ok. So i think i over did 1 hour of snatches the other day. My lats were not happy.

– I stopped soy milk as I have been reading many negative reports about soy and have moved back to dairy. While I can tolerate some amounts of dairy, I realised that it still makes me feel a little lousy and maybe even a little bloated.  I’m experimenting with the way I order my coffees and will go Almond or skim as much as possible.

– I have reduced my caffeine intake. Again, one of those things that I’m conscious that I may be over indulging and wanting to cut back a little. Since I’m not liking milk as much, it was also a natural reduction.

Ok, I can see why I feel this way now.

First world problems. 🙂

IMG_1014 (640x427)

So how am I tackling them?

1) Food/weight/body image- It’s a journey. I’m eating cleanly so I believe that it is the right move for my body to eat more than what I did previously. I still have not weigh myself and since I’m trying to be stronger at the gym, my body composition is likely to change. No change in my clothes either. So i’m guessing it’s mainly in my head. OR, my body composition in in the process of changing. I have to embrace the journey. IF not, I shall evaluate where I am in a few weeks time and decide what to do about it (whether to change my meals up a little more, or workouts).

2) Milk- continue to have almond milk or if it isn’t available, have a long mac instead.

3) Workouts- Practice and reflect on what I have accomplished while working on what I want to master. It’s ok to “Be in the process” and “Not get it”. I remembered being impatient post baby and needed to trust myself that what I’m doing is working. This is the same. I did not start out being able to do push ups. Same with lifting heavier or snatching better.

4) Focusing on the blessings. I have come a long way. I am in a good place to be able to experiment physical goals. What’s the worst that can happen? I can just re visit my goals/food and adjust accordingly if things are not working. So I have decided  to write down 5 gratitudes in my new journal every evening before bed (KATE SPADE baby! a gorgeous birthday gift).

5) Practising being kind to myself- all in my thoughts but I’m going to slow down and see the beauty in life. Practising being in the moment and appreciating my surrounds. Asher does not need a negative mumma!

6) I have scheduled in some rest and me time.

7) And I realised… IT’s OK TO BE FEELING LOW at times. We are humans. Feeling low does not indicate something is wrong. It could be a reflection of the many things that are happening at once.


IMG_1013 (640x427)

I know we are in spring but I spotted some gorgeous beurre pears at the markets. Into the basket they went. At home, I poached these little babies with fresh oranges from … haha.. yes Manning Road Markets (just a tad obsess over them). They turned out gorgeous. Saturday evening when Asher is in bed, Hubby and I shared this and had a good chat. Just what I needed.

IMG_1016 (640x427)

Poached Beurre Pears in Orange Juice (serves 2)

1 pear  peeled, halved and cored.

1 orange juice and zest

1/2 cup of water

1 cinnamon quill

Place pear, juice, zest, water and cinnamon quill in a saucepan. Poach for around 25-30 minutes till tender. Serve with a sprinkle of coconut granola.