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The day I found my niche

There is a moment when you realized the foresight of God. The moment arrived for me when I sat on the chair together with 3 supervisors, discussing about my progress and future.

It was sheer luck that I got accepted for this placement. Well, not so much of luck but really God’s blessing (window closed, HUGE door opened). Yup, just like that, He arranged 2 experienced and well-known supervisors in this field for me. Having ONE good supervisor is a HUGE blessing, not to mention TWO!!!!

*Before anyone gets too excited- no, I was not offered a job but I wasn’t looking one either, not currently anyway.

In comparison to my previous placements, this one has the most impact on me. The cliente, for instance provided me with the thrill of putting the puzzle pieces together. The challenges of not setting an agenda, being child-centered, integrating different theories has made me grown as a person and clinician.

To be recognized by my supervisors and be encouraged to continue working in the field of children and family affirmed my ambition and wish of being in this area. You see, I was never quite sure whether I can make it in this field.

My supervisors are hilarious. B said to SW (uni co-coordinator): “We knew we found the right trainee when she pushed herself against the door to prevent a children with anger and aggression issues to come through the other room where the other children were. All that on her first 2 hrs here!”

Yes, so my reflexes were praised.

Besides that, I found a niche. I’m not sure if it was because of the timing, supervisors or just the work itself. I am sure, however, that no matter how hard the case was, how difficult the parent was, how challenging the behaviors… I wanted to be there.

My placement supervisors were surprised to know that I used to hate presenting in groups and speaking out in meetings. She turned around and asked “You looked so relaxed earlier this afternoon when speaking out in the meeting, did u really feel relaxed.” I honestly did. You see, this isn’t about me anymore-it’s about the people that I’m working for. Why should I have any anxiety towards speaking out for them?

It’s funny how you do not realized how much you have grown as an individual, until one of these meetings. U get to speak and talk about everything that has happened on this placement and the sort of work you do. I spoke with confidence and with pride about my work and my supervisors. There wasn’t a hesitation on my part. Then, I realized what I have done and how happy I’m doing the work-despite not being successful always.

I have never blushed so much in that 45 minutes as they continued talking about me.

Yup- I received the best review ever. =)

In 2 weeks time, I’m done with placements. A couple more months (inclusive of tears from the sheer frustration of writing and interpreting research work) and I’m not longer a student.



I discovered this in David Jones the other day. Yummy Muesli. This is also the most sinful muesli I ever had as it contained dark belgium chocolate and marshmallows =). Love the dried strawberries and honey toasted oats. Oh my goodness.. SO GOOD! Especially with fresh Greek yogurt!!

2nd yr

AR and I have been dating for 2yrs+. Being such busy individuals, we realized how time flew by us just like that.

Anyway, I gave him this:

From Max Brenner. Really cool chocolates!! yummy…

And I made this:

Cream Puffs-his favourite. My first attempt… =)