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Dear Baby

Dear baby,
The day that daddy and mummy found out that we were expecting you, we were so happily surprised that we jumped for joy. You see, daddy and mummy were once told that it could be difficult for us to have children. But God gave us a little miracle, and this little miracle is you.
You were still very tiny. But when you were week 6, you gave mummy a lot of new experiences. Something call nausea/morning sickness. Oh, and the burger craving? I bet you just needed that carbs and protein to build your nerves and cells. We saw you when you were only 7 weeks old in vitro, and saw your heartbeat. The feelings of relief washed over me. Then it’s joy, and a slight increased in belief that you are going to be ok. 
By week 12, Mummy spent more time in the loo than she had ever before. Each time it happened, while it was awful, it also was an reassurance that perhaps hormones were doing its job to keep you safe and healthy. Oh, and a new found respect for all mums out there, especially working mums and mums with few kids having to juggle feeling sick and getting work done. Oh the exhaustion. Mummy wasn’t able to cook as much as she loved to before.. and daddy fed her junk! But it’s ok, he learned how to brew many kinds of soups later on which was nutritious and heart warming. 
I guess I was blessed with a very very understanding boss, who calmed me down when mummy was crying in her office as I was afraid I was not able to do my work properly and have you at the same time. Blame it on hormones, but it was my first taste of the feeling that my identity is going to change. Thankfully, the feeling of sickness passed and I was able to continue to do my best and help other families out there. 
The highlight is our most recent scan. Mummy and Daddy were really excited because we found out that you are… a BOY! We are having a son. How exciting! Much as Mummy love pink and purple cute girl clothing, Mummy is sure we can find you some adorable items as well. 
So baby. You are well loved. Thank you for reminding me how well you are growing with your little kicks, hand gestures and nudges-sorry that I’m not sure which is which yet. Yes, we appreciate it even MORE of all the little things and how such a miracle you are. You are a blessing and a gift. Hopefully, as parents we will be able to grow your potential. 
Your mummy. 
Ps- I’m so sorry that I have been out of action lately… But I have started cooking again and will return with some posts 😉

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