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Herb garden II

Up close and personal with the cherry tomatoes

Herb garden- Chilli, basil, parsley, oregano and capsium

baby capsicum

cherry tomato


herb garden

Alright. It has been a while since I posted something. I thought it would be nice to leave a note to inform people that I’m still alive! =)

Recently, the weather in Perth has been strange (when has it ever been normal?). It dropped over 10 degrees in 2 days. We were getting a high of 36 degrees just last weekend, 34 degrees on monday and now, it is 20 degrees!!!!!!!!

Placement wise, things are getting really busy. I was very amused when I realised I have my personal ‘wait list’ of clients. It makes me feel wanted.

We ate our first 4 cherry tomatoes from our garden last week. Not to mention, we can now go out to our herb garden and grab fresh chilli, rosemary, basal, oregano and pasley. I’m patiently waiting for the capsicum to grow as well (it’s getting bigger every day!).

Pictures will be posted here later.

Meanwhile, I’m just going to run over to the postgrad lab and grab my journal articles. Back to work.

I’m not an auntie… yet =(

TWICE yesterday, I was called “AUNTIE”. Ok, fine… I feel honoured that I’m providing those who are reading this blog a chuckle.

One of Mr Ar’s uncles came to visit (ok, to ask Mr Ar to check his computer) with his wife and son. Since I collect toys that may come in handy for my work, I handed the little boy of about 4-5 years old a nice ball that light up when you pressed it hard. The family was about to go off when mum said “Now, hand this ball back to AUNTIE”. At that moment, it was either 1) chose to say “no no… jie jie will do” or 2) just smile and say “thanks!See you next time!”-thinking of praising him for being so polite. All those stuff about positive reinforcement. So it’s either choosing 1) to make myself look petty or 2) knowing that I’m rewarding this little kid for being so good and returning the ball with good manners. STUPID ME chose number 2!!!!!!!!!! I should have never chosen this profession.

That evening, we went to another uncle’s place. This time, I was playing with this little boy of 1.5 years old. I playfully asked him “Jaylan, it’s late, arent you suppose to sleep?” Mum smiled and said “Tell AUNTIE, not yet, I can play a little more.” Thank goodness the boy is still happily playing away with his cousins.

Give me a few more years before graduating me from the position of a “Jie jie” to “Auntie”. It’s strange, when I first met the family, it was “JIE JIE”, barely a few months and I turned “Auntie”?


Recently, I met up with an old friend from HK. We changed, in terms of our outlook in life, what we want from it and our visions for the future. She was shocked to know I’m still studying (so was I) wheras I was just plain happy to see a familier face in an old setting (i.e. Murdoch uni).

I walked into Murdoch 2 weeks ago, breathing in the buzz in bush court, the weird smell along the psych corridors and the paper print outs from the post grad lab. No, I’m still not used to not having my buddies around me. Where is chee and her funny jokes? JJ and his late assignments? Velda and her dry humour? Jennifer and her sweet smile?

Occasionally, I will meet up with friends I made in Masters- the tears we shed, the hugs we shared and the anger expressed during our first year means we have a special bond (Look, we eat cereal in the clinic at 7.15am). All of us moved on though, and there is still an empty gap when you walked onto the campus.

You see, the campus isnt just for getting our degrees. It’s where we grow up, make friends that you know will be with you (or not), cry, laugh, share memories and learn how to write complaint letters (not to the uni lah, even to telstra…).

Yes, the campus feels different without my buddies.