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What can i say? 1 week into sch term and i am overwhelmed. The workload is definitely much more than what we have in hons and in any of the undergrad years. Everything is much more fast paced and I will prob spend more time on uni than all 3 years of undergrad combined (i am not including hons in that calculation since alot of it is self research).

The classes itself r interesting though. Not bored with any of them yet. Each one is very practical, very applied. So much so that i finally understood the importance of learning all those stuff frm intro to social psych, devo.. yes, all those first year units. And did i mention that i am glad i took advanced topic A- assessments since all those who didnt take that unit got to catch up? so even though i didnt do as well as i wanted to for that unit, the knowledge that Pia gave us will come in handy this year.

The funny thing in class is..u get to see the differences in how murdoch, uwa, ecu and curtin students respond. The murdoch students r much more demanding towards the lecturers-to the point that we tell the lecturer what WE want..wheras the uwa is much quieter…and if they do ask, it is more assignment based questions. I wonder if the murdoch students look intimidating towards the rest?

Chris Lee’s unit..the first day wasnt exactly a good one. He obviously hasnt learned his lesson and wanted to lecture more than he can…or did he expect us NOT to ask him any questions? *shake head* Hello!?! this is a masters grp, practically EVERYONE asked a question during his session.. He got to leave time for that! AND 2500 words for an essay that require us to write on summary of client’s condition, types of intervention…why we r not using those types of interventions..why that particular one is worth using, treatment plan..etc etc. GET REAL. Well, ok, i got him to increase the word limit to 3500 (and even that i dont think it is really enough). I think the other students (not frm murdoch) were looking at me weirdly at that pt.. Is alright though, since Stuart and Racheal both want him to give us the assignment immediately.. Mhwahahahaah.

I like Corinne’s classes. Both the assessments and family n child. So far, i think Corinne’s classes r the best-most organised and she knows what she is talking abt.

and VEL.. there is ONLY ONE cute guy (Well ok, he is also the ONLY guy) in my class. U guessed it.. Stuart-but he is gay. crap.

My partner for this whole year is Jade. I am quite amused though, when Meien said she felt bad because Stuart asked her to be his partner and she agreed…she said she felt that she didnt want to ‘leave me hanging’. *roll eyes*. Comeon…i dont think my social skills r that bad that i cant grab someone to work with me! Anyway, Jade was in front of me so i asked her. Jade is quite a hardworker, from what i see..and so far, we get along well.

I have no winter hols. On top of seeing clients and supervison times, i got other assignments to complete during the break as well. Oh, and i got to apply for leave if i want to go somewhere.

Tons of readings to complete. Mei en looked at me in horror when i passed her a stack of readings that i printed off frm the postgrad lab.

Yes, the only perk being a postgrad..FREE PRINTING.

No, i am not surprised by the amount of readings. I gathered that if i can survive hons year with all those readings… I shld be able to handle the reading part. What i am afraid is not being able to do my best for every assignment. Perhaps the perfectionist nature is coming out, and that part that v will know i like to be through in my research for assignments.. the amount of contact time that we have, it looks like i hv to come up with a compromise (which knowing myself, i will find that hard compromise).

A part-timer told us not to be too discouraged if our grades isnt as good as what we want them to be. I guess i am trying not to put too much pressure on myself… but being in a class where u know all of them r high achievers doesnt help.

Yes, overwhelmed by the workload. Equally excited abt what we r learning.

Orientation- CBT yes..but since chris lee is there..i think we r doing a lot on schema therapy too.

And yesl i sleep early now. When u have early classes everyday…u sleep early. Well, at least i try to.

And what’s wrong with hving breakfast and watching the news in the morning? someone commented that it is ‘very adult’. *roll eyes* -I am trying to get into the rountine..and trying to stay healthy.

Yeah, the 2nd masters nr 3rd year dpsych students refuse to give us any concrete comments abt their first year except “pls remember to put your health and wellbeing first’- doesnt that sound scary?

Oh ya. Moses is HERE!! my dear uncle.Mwhahaha. So happy to see him last night. =)

The work might be overwhelming and scary.. but overall, i am happy. just thankful that God gave me this chance to be here.

Just plain happy.



Uni officially starts tomorrow. I have freakin 62 pages to read for Chris lee’s unit before wednesday. Yes..i can hear vel chuckling…
dont blame me for being heartless, for being distant… what point is it to carrying on hoping for something that will never happen? What makes you think today will be any different from last September? or perhaps even 2 years ago?

Few years of chances, few years of hopes….all were shattered when you made the choice. Promises are easy to make yet when they fail to come true, those are the promises that can hurt a person to his/her core. You talk of ‘things will be different’- isnt that exactly what you said 3 years ago? You said you are trying, then perhaps we are not looking at the right direction- you trying one thing, and me looking for out for other things. That itself says alot isnt it? Are we still compatible then?

You said I built a barrier. You said I am cold. But the circumstances left me without a choice. If nothing changes, than what difference does it make from from our situation since last year? No, things changed. Circumstances changed. If the distinction is not being made…then both of us will be even more hurt in the long term. Yes, i am trying to heal. It will take a long time, but i am trying..and i urge you to do the same.

At this moment, nothing matters more than your studies. ONE MORE year to go. DO NOT let down your parents. If you want results, go get it yourself. Results do not come crawling to you. There is no such thing as free lunch in this world.

Everything is up to yourself. Help yourself first.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Just a q. What colour is my blog on your computer? The background for mine is greyish..but i saw that it is light green on other computers (and that looked ew).

anyway, YES. I am back in Perth. Spent the past few days cleaning my room and the kitchen. The carpet was actually a light shade of grey (and so you can imagine the amount of dust) and now back to peach-pink again. I washed all my softtoys so they are smelling real nice now.. :p Oh..and i cleared 3 big bags of rubbish.. how did i manage to store that much stuff in my room? *shake head*

Happy Valentine’s Day ppl.. I never quite agree with valentine’s day being just a day for couples. I remembered r n i had so much fun on v day (together with yifeng)…celebrating as friends. =) Well, i spent the morning in Uni, sitting through orientation program and listening to stuff like ‘security on campus’- how ‘romantic’.

Haz..being the sweet gal that she is bought me a bouquet of roses..continuing our tradition of giving each other something on v-day since sec sch days. Sweet b apparently bought flowers for every girl in church…and proceeded to send me one too! *hugs* That was a very very very thoughtful gesture.

Here you go folks. Hope your v-day is more eventful than mine. I am going to spend the rest of the day packing the pantry, cooking and possibly indulge in reading.

Ps.. stupid orientation program. I need to be in Uni at 11am tomorrow morning for the insurance talk..and return again at 5pm for postgraduate enrolment.

Few more hours

2nd day of CNY…

Few more hours before i depart from singapore…

was lazing in bed a little more this morning..taking in the smell of my pillow, the celling view from my bed.

7 weeks in Singapore. How time flew by.

The little india trip, being in chapel services, singing in the choir… etc etc. 🙂

Oh well. That is life. People come people go. As we grow older, that is what we experience more.

At least i get to see my family in april. That is one thing i look forward to.

For some reason…as i grow older, it is harder to leave my family. Perhaps my wilfulness has lessen…perhaps i realised how little time all of us hv…and all i want to do is to be with my love ones.

Well, there r things that i look forward to in Perth as well. New (almost) course, hot grass jelly, the winter weather, freedom, cooking/baking…

Is taking the positives and turning the negatives to positives that count.

*Muacks* *hugs* *muacks*

Happy Rooster Year

Byebye monkey..hello rooster

To all…HAPPY new YEAR. Wishing everyone a fanastic year ahead…and start clucking ppl. 🙂

A day of visiting..and just sitting and smiling at ppl. Some discoveries were made…when one of my ‘long-lost’ uncle walked in with his new wife, another showed us pictures of his girfriend..and all the aunties persuading him to get married fast.

CNY isnt the same without Irene… Moses, Irene n i, will always gather during CNY…except that Irene is away this year. I will be seeing moses more this year however..since he will be going to UWA for his b of medicine. Ah. That i look forward to.

Of course, like any other year, there will be at least ONE person who will say “psychology?u r reading my mind are u?”..except that the ONE person is almost always the same person… hrmph. If i can read minds…then i shld be a psychic. NOT a psychologist!

Feels sort of funny.. as everyone asks u “so? How many more years hv u got left..u away for a long time already ah” and feeling bad, when i hv to explain the masters part…

Never mind. New year.. with positive thoughts.. 🙂


U know your friendship reach a new level when all of havent met up for a long time, yet talked as if u guys hv met yesterday. That is what i experienced today with Jacq n Wanyi. It is a pity Lingjia cant make it…

CNY eve… The sit-down steamboat dinner with the whole family.

2 more days before i move back to perth for the next 10 months… This time, i feel as if i am leaving more behind. It is comforting though, when there r ppl who r rallying for you..supporting you… That plays a big part in keeping me going during the 10 months…when the loneliness gets into you, when the pressure starts getting in u….a familier voice, a comforting word can mean so much..

Well, it will be different this time round in Murdoch. A tinge of saddness…and excitedness.

shall we dance?

A day of CNY shopping, chatting with velda..and movie with r and b… ah. Cant bear to part with v in J8..looking forward to april though.

I miss body move classes. Yes, NIKKI..come back! argh. The music, the dance..the steps..woohoo.., the movie just convince me further about taking dancing lessons..esp the waltz..

My feet r itching for some action. THink i might join the first step class asap when i reach perth. Too bad, Nikki isnt there to teach anymore… 😦

Now, i never quite understood the facination about richard gere in Pretty Woman. However, after watching “Shall we dance”…i think i am in that group of girls who goes ga-ga over him. He got the charm. The dance moves prob swayed me over.. hey, which girl doesnt like to danced to? Or be lead in a dance?

Micheal Buble’s newest cd is out!! FINALLY. Sexy as usual… *swooning* 😛 his voice… ah.

fufilling day

choir in the morning..sent me going through my mum’s shoe cabinet for a pair of black closed toes shoes. The singing was ok…although i think the timing was off. oh well, it’s over! 🙂

went around church to say my goodbyes. Had a few decent conversations with Joseph, Carol, Rev Hong, Pek Ya… I was taking EVERYTHING in…the cross, the church, the ppl.. and especially thankful to those who prayed for me. Uncle Kim Meng for his encouraging words…

I wanted to take a pic with little Ethan today…he posed happily with me…and then hannah and samuel both decided that they want to take pics too..and i suddenly found myself surrounded with 3 kids. 🙂

An afternoon with Peggy, Ruth and Sam… Hving Taking pics. We were the original bible study group..and i guess, our bond will always remain. The thought of not seeing Peggy for the next 10 mths nearly brought tears to my eyes. we spent 15 mins saying our goodbyes in Bugis..(i think her friend eileen must hv thought we r crazy).

And it will prob the same tomorrow night..or at the airport…

Dinner was “lao bejing”. It was a fantastic evening with my family. The usual exists of course, when you put my mum, grandma and myself basically means we go shopping for shoes. yup.. i think grandma is finally satisfied with me today, after i got another pair. Do i really look that pathetic? *shake head*

Flower shopping was good too. The three of us..with dad following behind us. ah.. I think i will not forget tonight.

got my mum hooked on sarah brightman.. :p


been doing a bit of singing lately…b, r n i happily turned up in zinnia’s place on friday..handed her music scores and went through a ‘critical review’ of us singing ambitious songs…

Of course..zinnia being zinnia, she made us do impossible reaching the HIGH C as we warmed up our poor underworked diaphragm. Amazingly, the note was reached… but spunky (zinnia’s boy boy) was barking at i dont think it went really well…hmmm

Nonetheless, the feeling of picking up singing again is great.

Being such a beginner in singing, a couple of points were noted

1)Not using diaphragm enough

2)still using throat voice too much

3) not powerful enough

Hobby is a hobby =)

I started to pack stuff that was piling up beside my luggage bag…INTO the bag. Of course, grandma being my sweet grandma, stuffed stuff inside those ‘to be packed’ plastic bags. I found laundry lines, rubber bands and even clothes hangers….. ah, her way of expressing affections. *smiles*

Had a LONG chat with Tingting last night.. in the middle of it, we met Fiona..and she plonked herself next to me and the 3 of us started chatting for another few hours. Old friends, old times… The same old story remains we approach the next phrase of our life (i.e. working).

Tingting and I were library kakis.. We gathered as much library cards from our family members as possible and head to AMK or Toa payoh to borrow books every pri/sec school holiday. Memories… haha

Jon got a collection of books that i want to get my hands on… next hols perhaps. :p

count down begins

Finished reading “Digital Fortress””… Dan brown works his ‘draggy’ magic as usual… the story line is similar to his other books..full of twists and turns. However, his story plots are getting boring…

The count down begins before i return to Perth. Has it been 6 weeks already? As usual, just as i have my worries returning to is the same for returning to perth.

Seperating from love ones r never easy. The ability to spend time with grandma…is what i hv been looking forward to through the whole year.. To see my mother looking much healthier..and dad as brings comfort.

Yet reality remains. So many possible things that might happen when i am not around. That freaks me out. Not as if I can do anything about it when i am in singapore…but the thought of being closer helps.

All in God’s hands.