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About me

I started More Than Words when I was in my university days. It was on a whim and I was annoyed with the 100x changes that my supervisor wanted me to make. Fast forward 10 years later, blogging has accompanied me through completing my university degrees, a break up, engagement, marriage and even the birth of my son.

During this period of time, I realised I have a passion for food and fitness. My personal journey with food has been a turbulent one. I was obese as a child, making awful food choices, hiding behind baggy clothes and struggled to run 2.4km. Eventually I lost around 32-35 kgs, through limiting food portions and cardio exercises in my early twenties. By mid-twenties, I realised that what I was doing was not working. You can check out my story here , here and here.

So I changed.

I started eating clean. I said no to processed food and threw out wheat based products.

I started boxing, kick boxing, metabolic conditioning, kettle bells, Zumba and Konga with The Jungle Body. I played with Pilates and stretches. I walk. I do kissing push ups with my son, squats while holding him and thrusters.

I watched my attitude.

And finally, just finally, I feel a sense of contentment. I aim to eat clean 90% of the time and if I want to enjoy a treat that 10% of the time, I can.

Because there is much more to life than just food. It is what we make out of it.

Professionally, I have a psychology background. In my downtime, I cook, bake and look after my family. I share my time with my gorgeous husband and little son. I love a good laughs with friends and never turned down a coffee catch up. We reside in Perth, Western Australia.

I love eating cleanly and believe that life is so much better when we prepare food naturally, free from preservatives and not processed. I identify myself as eating cleanly but also follow principles of paleo. I eat dairy and cheese in moderation and love my coffee and dark chocolate. I hope that through this space, I can share my love for food and how eating cleanly is fun, nourishing and more importantly, delicious.

This space is more than just a food journal. It documents my love for life, food and health. It captures our marriage, parenthood and snippets of our life.

I am a wife, a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister and a friend.

I embrace my heritage as a Singaporean Chinese Cantonese married to a Malaysian Chinese Indian husband, living in Western Australia. I am my grandmother’s girl and I often find a way to attempt and re-create dishes that my grandmother cooked. My mother, grandmother and mother in law are ladies of strength.

They taught me:

“if you didn’t succeed in the first attempt, chances are, it will on the 2nd, or the 3rd, or the 4th…

Never Quit.”

I live life on this motto as well.

On 4th of May 2014, my beloved grandmother passed away. Although I am heavily sadden by her death, I would love to continue her legacy. That is to bring good, healthy and nourishing food to people around her.

This, in addition to my collection of cookbooks and cooking magazines, inspire me to spend time in the kitchen. My favorite dishes are those that are quick to prepare, gentle to the hip pocket and easy to learn.  I draw further inspirations from cafe food-an Aussie culture that I grew to love and enjoy.

You will find a good mixture of home style clean cooking, with a sprinkle of treats, stories of our marriage and home in this space. Join me with a good cup of coffee, while you explore this space. Drop me a comment, or simply send me a message through Facebook. Enjoy.


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