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ramble jumble

Apparently, Listerine is bad for you. Appears that it contains a kind of chemical that is present in petrol (b, pls verify since u r the chemical engineer here..) .

A cheaper way is to use salt and water.


My dear grandma is so adorable. She said we r going to bencoolen street to buy mushrooms. She ended up giving offering to an Indian temple and the Chinese one as well… oh yeah..and of course dragging me along.

Oh well, after the mushrooms..she decided that we should go OG to look at shoes. For the first time, my grandmother got FRUSTRATED at me..because i wasnt interested in any of shoes! YES, she got anxious abt me hving no shoes… dionk..

I saw another side of my grandma when she pointed out this retro blue shoes that she said she liked. Oh yeah, not forgetting the high heels that i can literally see grandma putting on them and running in them (just like carrie in sex n the city)…..well, in her younger days anyway.

What about the pics of her and her 2 other sisters… All in retro dresses (they shld hv saved those dress, i am sure they r in fashion now). And looking at baby pictures of my mother and baby version of my uncles n aunties…

Wonder what will be in fashion when we r in our 60s then? *wink*


here n there

was in little india on monday. After a just-average north indian lunch, d, v and myself proceed to explore little india. Inclding meeting a not so happy salesgirl (who yes, i am glad v pulled me away frm the shop) and meeting a quite nice guy who was selling punjabi suits. Didnt quite get teh bangles and earings…but hey i got a punjabi suit (v got 2).. yay.

My family was amused with me..but mum was quite supportive with it. Grandma frown at the thought of me wearing that during CNY, so i decided against it. Dad suggested me getting qipao, nonya suit…etc etc as well. I replied i dont hv the figure for it.. so pt lah.maybe next time.

It is a luxury that most singaporeans wouldnt realised. The ability to explore another culture so openly. Probably something that alot of us took for granted. A kind seamtress explained to us the difference btw north and south cusine, and some rituals performed during Thiapusam. To learn abt the culture means not to be afraid to ask questions and be in a tourist mindset.

Visited Aunt Jasmine today. Her condo is quite nice. Gran got the both of us lost..but yay we managed to find our way through. Managed to persuade Aunt to take gran to the doctor in march.

It was a slow moving day. A good one though. Hving the chance to laugh and chat with gran as we took the bus, walked, got lost together…and simply laugh at all the old times. Her telling me that i used to open my eyes wide as an infant when my uncle drove , or perhaps just me crying out loud the whole night that she was at a wedding dinner when i was a toddler. It just shows how tight our relationship is with each other. It brought back memories, when grandma and i held hands all the way when we walked from the bus stop to aunt’s place. Except this time, it feels more like i am holding her hand than she was holding mine. How roles reversed.

Aunt Jasmine commented on how close gran n i close that she feels she dont know her own mother as well as i know gran. I feel sad…perhaps is because as my grandmother, she doesnt hv as much responsibilities as when she was a mother. She managed to spend more time with me, but she was working hard to support the whole family when my aunt, uncle and mum were still young.

the past week

The retreat with the girls (plus ben n eve) was great. Few days of catching up, lazing around, just enjoying my sisters’ company…one of the biggest highlights of my trip back so far. Bowling was fun despite me losing badly.. :p *shrugs* nevermind, next time perhaps.

Five hrs KTV session on wednesday afternoon. Singing my lungs out. Trying to reach those high notes and those low notes.. I am definitely rusty in singing. Some songs that I attempted includes : “Somewhere out there, Constant Craving (yes, vel..found the k.d lang version in ktv rm), Huan zhu ge ge drama series’ songs, put your head on my shoulders, if only she knew, Ai Ne (S.H.E), Too much heaven, whole again…blah blah blah. and the list continues.

It is funny how some songs remain the top of our list..whereas other choices of songs changes as we grow older. In sec sch, our song choices r pretty much inline with the trend during those times. Nowadays, we r singing more old songs (and plus that ktv didnt update their english songs). I hv since acquired a taste of other genre of music compaired to just westlife, backstreet boys and britney spears.

During the past 4 days, i was on a quest to explore Singapore. Visited Wan Qin Yuan, Sentosa, Chimjes, St Andrews Catherdral, Esplanade, Suntec, Raffles Hotel…. Yes.Tour guide for Armand. Singapore isnt that small afterall huh?


Just recieved my student visa. Not bad. less than a week.


Happy birthday ben!


It is particularly scary when Jeffery pointed out that Sarah will call us “auntie” and our children will call Sarah “jiejie” in a couple of years time.

We used to call “Teacher” Yufeng when we were in pri sch. Look at her now, expecting her first child soon. Josephine expecting 2nd child. How time flies when we were little kids in their sunday school class, singing songs like “Jesus love me this i know” and “the B-I-B-L-E”

Is that what they call the ‘quarter life crisis’ where the thought of getting older sounds.. ‘old’? Where responsibility is piling on us and the realization that adulthood isnt quite what we imagined when we were children (where adulthood means ‘freedom’). Where the decision on what jobs to take is looming over our heads or perhaps the knowledge that soon it will be our responsibility to take care of our parents just as they took care of theirs. Or perhaps is the reality that our parents r getting older..and the fraility of human life shows oh-so clearly in the recent aftermathof natural disasters around the world.


Anyway, last night dinner went better than expected. Good laughter, jokes, food and company. Chee was being her usual..cute and witty. Velda was kind. Most importantly, we barely touched on the topic of work (i mean academically). The sashimi salad was soooo gooooooddddddd..and worth it as well i hv to add. 7 bucks for a big bowl of sashimi and salad leaves (yeah, lettuce more like it). Didnt go for drinks but ended up strolling along the streets of orchard and drinks in starbucks. I went home happy.


Did my medical today. R accompanied me and B accompanied R. :p Thank GOD everything cleared anyway.. not after drinking like 5 cups of water at least 2 hrs i hv to add. arghhhhh

And the current visa fees is AUS $410. What r they? money suckers?


streaks of copperish red..more like brownish red anyway.. on my hair. Not really used to it actually looks golden under some light..and reddish other times. *shrugs*-something different i suppose. I mean different to me.

Change is sometimes good. at 21 years of age, probably time for me to do some changes to my appearance. Now, i jus hv to lose that stubborn 7-10 kgs.. (more will be better of course)…. :p

I dont really want to pissed people off. But hey, i am only human and so the circle of life remains. Cant please everyone.

Received letter of offer frm curtin. As expected, Uni of Mel offered me the Masters of Psychology (Clinical International) course…

Murdoch here i come (again).

ps. i hope i can change my student id card. the picture of myself on it is horrible.

munch munch

and of course, i forgot to mention how CHEAP food is in the sch canteen.


gym this morning. whacked 2.96km in 20 mins..and was half cursing at the machine and myself..since i wanted to reach 3km. It auto stops itself when it reached 20 mins. so i did rowing and then back to the machine…but this time, it auto stops when it reaches 100m. *grumble*

Was a little disappointed with the shoes shopping in toa payoh today. Brought another pair of pants n a top frm giordano though.

Still short of shoes and bags. time is running out…tock tock tick tock.

Mother is in a better mood these days again.compared to last week *shudder*

feels as if my gran n dad is in a mission to feed me..and my mother is the ‘balance’ and therefore kept reminding me how i wont be able to fit into the pair of pants we jus bought if i gain back all the weight again.

sec sch

No. I am NOT going to have purple highlights. Just so wrong. And yes, i am going for something safer and probably a color that wont ‘shout’ out too much.

Yes. And so it seems that i hv been pissing off alot of ppl (3 i think, but i cld hv pissed off more without knowing). And get caught in the ‘circle of life’ as what velda said. What a way to start off the new year. Then again, last year started off well, and the year didnt go on quite smoothly so perhaps it will be better this year? blah. As if this sort of thing will happen.

Jackson-san. Eat proper food lah.

cant shake off “the steadfast love of the Lord” in my head. Rev Goh threw an impromptu request at us and so we sang in front of KCP. I wonder what will Zinnia say if she hears us? Oh, and how come the benediction was in the wrong key?

The KCP building changed so much. Good i suppose. Yet a sense of nostalgia came to me when i walk around the school.. With the exception of the sch concourse, everything is not where it was. AND THE PREFECTS have a prefect’s room. A proper one…hrmph.

Mrs Lee-my lit teacher still remembers me. The sad thing is, seems that my class was the last batch who did pure lit (3 books)..they changed the syllabus. They got this social science and humanities combi thingie.. What a pity, as lit was the subj that made my olevels year more interesting (apart frm prefects n band practice). Geo is the preferred choice now. Always have been.

Mr Lawerance Tan is still the same. Not sure if i want him to remember me, since i failed his RETEST 3 times. I was pathetic with physics. I think he gave up on me…luckily i passed olevels, if not, i would hv make a dent in his “no failures” record. The other teachers? Mrs OL Tay is using a mic in class now. I remembered her as the teacher with the sharpest voice ever. Not sure how i can fall asleep in her class once. That was embarressing since she caught me almost falling off the chair…

PC Lim isnt there anymore. Crap. He got transferred to MOE. He would hv make a good vice-principal i reckon.

I found my prefects tie, badge, peer-support badge, and other badges in one of my drawers last week. Well, i even found the ugly red tie frm band. =p sec sch memories. hrmph.

Zinnia said i am in the church choir during lunch today. that’s it. I am in the church choir. Lol. Cute Zinnia. Nevertheless, i guess it will be a good opportunity to exercise my vocal cords again.

saw Baby (not so baby) ethan today. He look like his dad man. So cute. I am always amazed at what a young father…KA is..and how well he took to the responsibility of looking after his wife n child It was a planned marriage and planned child. That shows how sometimes, age doesnt matter. Is your mentality in r/s that counts.

mission in church not quite accomplish today huh (R n B)?

being julia

woo hoo..home alone..the beauty of just hving the whole hse to yourself. well, not quite since gran and dad kept calling and asking me if i am eating… what do i want to eat.. blah blah blah. It is quiet enough though, for me to blast my favourite music and read my book.

Movie and supper with d n v last night. BRILLENT movie- Being Julia. The play with words, the acting… it was a simple plot. But simplicity is the beauty of it. The sacastic play of words, the double meaning used..

Yes. i like the way how ppl play with words. Double meanings to me is a language within a language. The timing and the usage of them means only certain party will understand it. Inside joke i suppose..

the past few days i hv been feeling insecure. Abt myself, abt relationships..basically abt everything.Negative emotions run through me (why are these emotions considered as neagtive anyway?). I agree that time will help. Just that going through it is quite draining as well.

Poor ruth hv to deal with my continous questions abt my hairstyle, clothes and whatever else that i am insecure in. thanks babe. It hits me at times..these insecure moments.

thinking of highlighting my hair… streaks of reddish brown? whatca think? Thinking about costs too…

oh. i can actually see with my contacts now!