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It’s official. I ran out of paper. zip. no more.

anyway, went to gym today. it was FANTASTIC..steps were great, music great… and no body fell down! :p nikki wasnt here. but karin was.. Anyway, last step M.. so a little sad. really like that class alot..

feeling a little off.. like as if i am not in this world. i actually reached the pt where i really dun wan to be on my comp..or doing any proof reading. It is like.. crap.. i just want to stay in bed.

Well, yes, finished the essay. so i need to edit it.. edit my results n methods. it really looks half done.

i say happy things in this blog too! not just complaining! oh. yeah.btw, mand.. can.. go to your rm..but u will drive me out.. if i complain too much =( and i need to protect my feet… :p

my application forms! argh. need to get referees..

ok ok.. back to work


yeah yeah

haven blog for a few days now. Not because i was less busy and therefore doing other things than sitting in front of the laptop nearly- i repeat nearly cursing the lecturer ….

He wants us to answer 3 questions in ONE essay.. Is he crazy or something. Anyway, JJ pointed out something last night, that if mr y can get a better grade just becoz he wrote more..that will be unfair, since the guidelines clearly said we r only allowed 10% above 2500 while our dear mr chris lee told mr y that it doesnt matter if he wrote more than 3000 words.

But.. i am just going to do what i said to jj, write whatever i can.. no point putting in all those information if it just doesnt flow- although it will show u hv your research. But we r in 4th year now!

anyway.. been writing this essay for the past few days and it is still half way done. *sobsob* i need to hurry man. the good news is.. i think i figure out a way to link a particular section.. just hope the rest will go well.

armand commented that i do alot of complaining on the blog.. but THAT IS WHAT I USE THIS BLOG for! *hrpm* Its either that or your rm.. what do u choose? :p

anyway.. my rm is officially a paper junkie now. papers everywhere.. so many that the green peace will prob sue me if they enter. Hey.. i recycle.. prob not to the proportion to i use though..

it appears that my mother still hv 28 days of leave left.. and she might hv a 5 day work week! advantage of being a civil worker.. hahaha

ivy just had a bday..velda’s today..and jackson’s n irene’s coming up..

singapore is finally opening up more autistic schools.. looks like i hv job prospects. Oh! and they r hiring more sports psychologists too.. hehehe..

do i really want to go back to work? hot humid weather with tiny clothes… (which i cant wear =( ).. but i guess, the environment is one is another- which i miss dearly. and my dad says ‘that’s becoz u r a girl.. i understand, but u really shld go out and work wherever u want’.. sounds sexist huh?

4 weeks countdown to thesis due date.

Yerkers Dodson Curve…. High anxiety-low production.

and Murphys Law “if anything can go wrong, it probably will”

how comforting.

prevalence vs incidence

guess what? i m still stuck on my reading on depression and the elderly.

Prevalence of depression- not much compared to the young

Incidence in the elderly- apparently high.

Hv to link this 2 together and make it sound like a professional essay ya? How to? that’s my problem.

I am aching all over..That is a good sign isnt it? hehee.. Anyway, Nikki was back for Step M class all was good. The only thing is, next week is gonna be the last week for step m! What a disapointment. Oh.. i think nikki mentioned something abt her not coming back to cannington for the next rotation… coz 2 of her classes hv low attendence. What a bummer..since she is such a great instructor.

One of the girls n i were chatting abt how we often fall in Step M class…then we realised.. both of us took turns falling! I fell 2 weeks ago.. she fell this week.. which means.. high chance of me falling next week! How embarressing.

I participated in Chee’s experiment yesterday. It was actually fun. Well, i didnt like the waiting part between the trials.. but those so call electric shocks? Just a pin-prick like what she said. I got my forearm ‘grilled’ by the thermal equipment.. It isnt that bad.. Not at all painful. But my arm looks cool with the grill marks after that… :p I think somepart of me must be sadistic by nature… Or maybe i hang out too much with P.D and gang.

Alan’s turn to do the experiment tonight!

Got back my academic transcript. My results of last semester looks disappointing compared to last year’s.

Got to buck up. Pull my socks up.

Back to reading… well… let me take it this way.. even though the literature appears to be repeating itself…at least i know i hv enough supporting evidence.

reading on depression

yup. Finally, i finished the rough version of the results n methods section. But it’s so raw that it hurts. Seriously need to tighten up the whole thing and make it sound better, nicer and neater. Anyway… i better get on to my essay and complete it asap so i can do more work on the results section.

Slept at 5 am in the end.. haha. It’s ok. At least donald was online accompanying me with his cheeky remarks. good thing the states is 12 hrs behind australia.. hahaha..

Quiet in the house… mmm..with jackson prob sleeping or watching anime now? We had a brief ‘exchange’ the other night when he came in and asked me a question without giving my suggestions a thought..and just brushing my opionions away. It’s ok.. he doesnt mean it in a bad way and i dont mean to be so harsh on him as well.. so my apologies.

I managed to download Chanel Cole’s Mp3s and her “history Repeat” video clip… I begin to like her version of “walk on by” as well..although it is a much milder one than Kelly Clarkson’s. I guess i just like the sexy, sultry sort of voice.. Anyway, I am sort of bored with loud voices now. Too many around, prefer someone with good voice control such as Chanel or Courtney to entertain me.. Lol

Wish i hv more time with alan..recently, both of us hv been each so busy with our work that we hardly hv a chance to hv a PROPER conversation.. other than “do u want anything?” or “Hv u downloaded “monster”, or “dinner’s ready” or “can u help me with this”…..sad. or is that considered a conversation?

anyway.. i better tidy up my rm..and get on with my reading.

3 am

yes. It’s 3am and i am still not asleep. This is insane, crazy and atriocious. What am i doing up looking at children’s reasonings and drawings. It’s monday and i am still stuck in this. I NEED TO MOVE ON TO MY ESSAY.

The only bright side is, after this section. I am done. zip. No more addition to the results section. I just need to tidy up the stuff..insert in graphs and pixs.. and finish. Half of my thesis finished.

CHANEL rocks in australia idol! Oh my goodness..u go sexy chick.

Other productive thing i hv done? Oh..decided what drawings to use and got alan to scan them for me. What will id do without alan? giving me the support i always need… Luckily, the scanning didnt take long.

Getting a little more snappy then usual. DUn step on my toes people!!! *Growl* (hiding in my rm as an result).

I almost burned lunch today! That is so embrassing.. my mind is so off….and i dun usually burn anything!!! It’s ok.. it was savage in time.

i think i shld get back to my writing.


sunday.. still stuck doing this. this is getting really bad.

work yesterday was fine. As expected, Max was bored easily… i need to find something challenging for him to do. Next week is the last week of term.. which is a welcome break for me.. i can get more sleep, and focus. My patience worn down too..esp since i didnt get much sleep the night before.

Josh was so cute… i was talking to max’s mum, and josh pulled my hand to the direction of the classroom.. he was actually keen to do work for once? Lol.. at least he knows he got to do a little more work.. he laterally ran to the classroom and waited for me there. Unbelievable.

was dead tired last night. so as usual.. behind one section again=(

Joshua came over for dinner just now..and asked me abt the results section of the report..seeing his assignment made me feel like being in year 1 again.. not as much work as now..and easier too!! hahaha..

i realised i repeated “i dun wan to study anymore” at least once every semester since year 2/2nd sem. cant believe this is my last sem as an undergrad..after that? prob 2 more years =(

perth royal show coming soon. Feel like going this year.. but do i hv the time?

post grad options. where will i be next yr? what is going to happen to alan n i?

concentrate daphne!!!

tick tock

did some calculations and found the rate my results n methods r going.. i hv approximately 3500 words or less for my introduction and discussion each. That’s too little!! After i discuss the theories..and implications of that to the hypothesis. what else do i hv left? 300 to write the conclusion? *sob sob*

Worst come to worst.. i guess i just hv to put more tables in my results section to summarise those F-ratios.

anyway, what did i do today? u guessed it.. my ever so exciting life *sacastic tone*. graphs n writing of coz.. what else? oh! i made chilli beef and cheese pies.. The beef was definitely too hot though…

anyway, i was scrolling through friendster, realised that mmm.. yup. been ages since i see most of these ppl. Looking at their pics made me realise how much time has passed and how much things hv changed since we were naive, innocents 13 year olds.

Crap..i still cant find the s.d for my graphs! what’s wrong with spss?oh yeah..i forgot.. it’s SPSS..everything is wrong =(

2 more weeks of working..and i get 3 saturdays off. I am sooo looking forward to my saturdays again!!! hehehe.. wonderful.. Not that i dun mind seeing Brandon, Max and Josh though. Max was so sweet…he gave me a flower last week!!

I guess i am proud of those 3 kids.. Well, since Max is new, i cant say much abt his progress (except clever and fast learner he is).. The other 2? Amazingly…

That reminds me.. i better go through what i hv to teach tomorrow again. Especially Max- he gets bored easily.

Sometimes u wonder… Lord, why are they autistic? they are clever children, who are so lovely… with autism, it hindered their learning. How great could it be if they dont hv autism.. how much will they learn? How much will they advance? Unfortunately, these questions will be left unanswered.

Cute things happened though.. Like how we suspect christine’s student hving a crush on her.. Lol.. Or how we got kicked n scratched by them- yup. ok.,that’s not a cute memory.

i like my job. i like finding ways to help these children learn. And i be creative and be flexible. I did want to quit after this term to concentrate on my thesis but realised that.. hey.. after the 3 weeks break…. the thesis will be due by then.. So i think i will remain for another term.

btw.. our hse internet is sort of irritating now. hving to pay so much and limit our upload and download speed constantly AND hving the internet down so often.. that’s not good.

i really shld get back to my correlations-last part of stats. Getting tired of looking at numbers.. and after that. i hv the verbal analysation and couple of drawings to look at.

and? after that? the depression essay time.. i sort of hv a vague idea how to write it.. so i jus need to read more and start writing!

i think it is baileys time…..


almost time to cook dinner.

Finished the graphs and is now writing up that segment. After that, it will be to sum by correlation studies.. look at verbal analyzation and then the kids’ drawings.

i wonder if i am going back at the end of the year.. the main advise is not to.. but if irene’s wedding is on, i am gonna go back. If not, staying here will be alright too..afterall, i hv to go for the postgrad interviews (if selected) and i get to spend more time with alan. The only setback? I want to spend time with my family!

as usual.. i tend to think of what to do after this sem. ah.. I hope the grad sem date next yr will be late feb instead of early march. That way, i can plan the albany trip for my family..and it wont interfere with the postgrad timetable..alan can come along too. Not going to feel really comfortable driving to albany myself..although if i hv to do it, i will.

oh crap.. do i need s.d for the histograms? *grumble*

i hope i know what i am talking abt in this section. I really need to finish this and work on my essay..actually, i am looking forward to work on the essay since it will take my mind of the same stuff that i hv been looking for sometime.

heard adam got a 9.5 pts for his presentation.

3,2,1 i better finish off this section and then cook..


2pm now..and my eyes r heavy. I just took a short nap but someone still feeling tired. Decided not to attend the presentation tutorial today, just so i can finish up what i didnt do yesterday.

Eyes feeling puffy…need to get an ice pack later man. Staring at the computer and getting 5-6 hrs of sleep every night is making me looking haggard 😦

the cat disapeared. Probably found a good home. Hope he didnt injure himself again.

the sky looked so blue today. Yet i am stuck at home in front of this computer. I wish i cld do some shopping..go out and get abit of that beautiful sunshine.

My turn to cook tonight. Menu? Rendang, chilli prawns and Nutty Asperagus. The prawns were cheap! 13 bucks a kilo. What a bargain. It’s rare for us to hv seafood.. Been hving quite alot of chicken lately a change will be good.

Passed the referee forms for peter to do yesterday. Asked him if he felt my stress levels r too high. he replied “it isnt out of the anxiety scale yet” .. that’s the sort of answer u get when u talk to a psychophysiologist.

Speaking of peter..velda is awfully stress, hving to redo her stats. Can totally understand how she feels though, having been through the same stage with helen. Wont supervisors make up their mind?

Watched prince of tennis just now.. the baby ryoma is so cute.. and that epi is so touching! Esp when we found out Najiroh gave up his tennis career for his son. That’s just me being a silly romantic again. Then again, i need these to keep me sane.

i really shld get back to those graphs. It’s getting boring.. but i need those, if not, i cant write up that segment!!!!

Errands day

Was in uni this morning. The guest lecturer made sense except she really shld hv given more supportive evidence on how ‘neurology and psychotherapy’ relates to each other (i.e any other before and after treatment change in biochemistry other than PTSD will be good). doesnt help when chris lee gave quite an one sided lecture on PTSD as well.

Let’s see, i went to the bank- and the ATM wasnt working! Bankwest better not charge me 5 bucks for using their teller, since it is their fault that the ATM isnt up!Went over to the chancellor building to apply for transcript (each one cost 15bucks and we hv to pay 50 cts to certify for one!! And all they need to do is to photocopy the transcript and chop it! Money grabbers). Then i went to grab lunch for Armand and alan… too bad, no first choice option for armand since they haven cook the honey chicken yet.

Head over to Helen’s office for her to stamp my APA student membership form.. She tried to reassure me that least i m progressing n sort of on track. BUt I ONLY HV 5.5 WEEKS LEFT!

Worried abt chee, she haven started on her work yet. what can we do.. we can only try to encourage her.

I am suppose to finish 3 sections of stats today.. I better do it man. I even skipped gym so that i can sleep.. am so tired that i cant focus. Wondering what’s wrong? Then again, if i cant finish my work, i really shldnt go to gym!! That is suppose to be my incentive. Luckily Nikki is on holiday today..and Karin will be takign the body move class..oh well. Wil go next week.

Getting sian again.. will write more if i get tired of looking at my work.