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tutoring + placement update

The new semester is about to begin (for those lucky undergrad students who complained that they have too much work to do).

It’s confirmed, I’m a tutor this semester for Methods I or basic stats in psychology. Thank goodness Helen is the coordinator, everything looks so neat and in place. To think I did this unit ‘just’ a few years ago. I’m taking the friday slot- which i hope very few people will turn up.

Anyway, the placement is heading along fine. I attended so many meetings that I’m lost. I assisted the speech therapist, occupational therapist, my supervisor, another clin psych and even managed to collect some resources for myself. I kept saying I will leave at 5 pm but never once did that. I like it that way though, being one of the first to arrive and last to leave means the office is quiet (also, fridge space to put my lunch in + carpark space).

I’m scheduled to observe autism assessment, participate in home based intervention for autism, be co-facilator in a group parenting program, observe the occupational therapist in action, attend seminars, do assessments, meet my new clients and of course develop and collect more resources for myself.

The good thing about this placement is everyone is SO HELPFUL. They readily give information and resources to me. They stop by at the student area to make sure I’m comfortable and ask if i know how to get help if needed. They included me in all their coffee + lunch breaks-if i’m around and not in the hills somewhere. They remembered my name (while i cant remember all of theirs). They are so patient when i ask silly questions during meetings but didnt laugh (i’m amazed at that). The autism assessment team leader said she will hand me her schedule so i can just tell her when I want to sit in. She even invited me to other meetings (which i’m hestitating because this place is FULL of meetings and PD events). Other therapists will come by and tell me when I can sit in and they do so in a very happy way. Remember that they are not obligated to have me around because i’m a psych student, not theirs. I’m probably more of a hassle to them most of the time as well!

Being the spastic daphne that I’m, i’m most pleased with their stationary section. I have free access to envelopes, pens, paper clips, paper, photocopier, laminator, binding machine…etc It’s great!


Simple pleasures

Here it goes Jon…

Name five of life’s simple pleasures that you like most, then pick five people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not use things that someone else has already used:

1) Having a good cry after a good book.
2) Hot chocolate with mashmellows on a cold winter night.
3) A slow stroll along a river at night.
4) Having a heart to heart chat with a trustworthy close friend.
5) Quality sleep.

The next 5 people: Ruth, Ben, Peggy, Velda and Armand.


I’m blessed. I have my own phone line, a desk and even a computer. The student area in my placement center is quiet since i’m the only clin psych trainee around-OT will be coming in soon. I get to grab any dustbin + filing cabinet to my table. The stationary cupboard is near the student area.

Now, if only I have the chance to stay in the student area for a while. :p

So far so good, my supervisor was from Murdoch. I’m the 5th generation of Murdoch’s trainees to be in this placement apparently. I saw the way she worked yesterday, it looked so smooth that I wonder if I can ever be that way.

Btw, I recorded my voice mail message. To my horror, I sounded like a SIA stewardness. NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo……………..

Had a morning of orientation (that place is a maze!), an afternoon of meetings and my very first home visit. So far, my supervisor has introduced me to the friendly ppl. I presumed they are more friendly :p since they looked happy for me to join them for visits. Not all are psychs, which is the good part. I shall finally get to see the role of physios, OTs and speech therapists.

It is going to be a busy placement. I recieved my first case + dozen of visits scheduled + meetings + groups…etc.

So far so good. I hope.


I enjoyed the cleaning and organising so much that I dread going back to reality tomorrow. It’s true. Mindless work is so refreshing. You dont have to use your brains that much except for “where should I chuck this?” question that comes up occasionally. Other times, you just follow your instincts and go “if i cant place this somewhere, it is going to the bin.” There is just something calming when you see this super untidy place turned into a nice organised space. My study table is cleared. My room doesnt have anything in it besides the bed, wardrobe (with clothes in it of course) and mirror. The kitchen is clean.

Like I was saying, I dread going back to reality tomorrow.

I am grateful though. At least I have the chance to get organised, in the midst of reading up and preparing for this new attachment.

I’m also back to my routine of waking and sleeping early. Unless you girls and guys want to wake up between 5:30-7:30am, your best bet of contacting me is through email and sms. Im fact, this will be the two main ways of me contacting you too! Night is not a good time as I am usually grumpier! It’s true, you see… i do not know what today will enfolds when you call me up in the morning. I will naively think “today will be a good day” until night falls and then I go “Crap day.”

Anyway, thanks to all who meet up with me when I went back to Singapore.

V and Chee- Chicken rice galore. Let’s try steamboat next. Start thinking where should we go. I’m really hoping this year will pass quick.

Jon- My coffee kaki. Our once-a-year meeting never fails to amuse me on the curveballs that life throws.

Jus- Please, just graduate with your physio. Sooner or later, I have to see you professionally. Make sure you give discount. And please, no more starbucks. They serve substandard coffee.

Junwei- The oldies will never die out of fashion. Keep listening to to them. Oh, dont forget Kelvin Kern.

Marcus, Lisheng and Jus- I just cant forget our night out. The coffee isnt fantastic but the company is. It is amazing how I realised we were actually in the SAME pri AND sec sch! All those good old days…

Zinnia, Sam and Annabelle- I want more sushi and sashimi!!!!

Dave- Once again, the coffee and service sucks but it was good seeing you again.

Ting- The prawn noodles was good isnt it? I enjoyed our chats together, especially my trip to your house. It was so good catching up once more. Thanks for dropping by to mine as well during CNY. The earrings are so funky. Till today, I still smile to myself when i remembered the frequent trips to the lib when we were kids. Btw, Bishan Lib is about to open right? Darn….

Remember to send my regards to your mum =) I agree with her about our friendship.

Mano- This is for you, for remembering to contact AND meet me when you went down to Singapore for a short trip.

Ben- You never fail to amuse me with your ‘oops, that came out wrong’ sentences.

Peggy- My nails looked so nice that day. Thanks for your effort. I enjoyed my shopping and yakking trips with you. I really hope things will go smoothly for you this year. Please, check this space sometimes, I DO mention your name.

Ruth- Remember our $0.90 bubble tea chat. Cheap AND good. We got to have more of those. The drink is probably better than the shopping trip in J8 that night. Thank you for welcoming Peggy and myself to your house on Christmas Eve. That ‘tradition’ is something we have to continue or at least try to do something like that once a year.

I’m glad we got to celebrate our birthdays (Peg + Ruth) once again on 30th of Dec. The KTV trip is a blast as well.

There are probably a few that I missed. Oh well, blast me with cold air and I will remember. My memory is failing me.

Perhaps not all read this blog (because not all have this address and most will not be interested anyway). However, I feel that by writing it down.. it makes me feel just a tat closer to the next time when we meet.

In Perth.

It is funny how you miss the place once you are about to leave it. I stood in Changi Airport thinking “here we go again”, waving back to my parents and grandma as they walk away-presumbly rushing back to catch the show “Triumph in the skies”.

I had a wonderful holiday. I managed to spend time with my grandma; shopping with mum; talking to dad; holding my new-born baby cousin; catching up with friends; reading; sleeping; watching cantonese serial shows; cross-stitching; eating and even a trip to Malaysia.

This trip felt different. A big part of it was because of a change in my relationship with my mother. She shared with me about her work and how she handled the younger nurses (who are my age apparently). We went shopping and ended up with the same stuffs again.

Like I said, I wouldnt trade in anything for my time in Singapore. It might be shorter than usual but definitely more meaningful.

Anyway, I thought I could follow a segment of Grace’s blog and begin my time in Perth again with…

I know I’m in Perth when…

1) I have to drive.

2) I have a house to clean and pack. Everything is still everywhere. By the end of today, this house should be organised.

3) People are less likely to tailgate when you drive here.

4) Shops closed at 6pm.

5) I’m watching Kochie and Mel on Sunrise from 6am and the Today show before that during breakfast.

6) It is late to sleep at 11pm.

7) I can cook! I grilled pork cutlets using fresh herbs from the garden + cut chilli + olive oil as a marinate.

8) No more stairs to walk up to for exercises 😦 I stay on the ground floor now.

9) No more S$0.90 bubble tea.

10) The cab fare costs Aus$30 just for a 20 minutes ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11) I’m uncertain if this pertains to other airports, but why in the world did they schedule 4 flights to arrive together at 1am in the morning? In a SMALL international airport with limited staff assistance and customs officers? There seems to be some management problem here. Either the airport is filled with people or not.

12) When the custom officer said “Everything in this bag? Looks like you are a regular visitor. What? 6 years? That makes my life easier since you know what you can bring!”

I waited for 2+ hours but recieved less than 5 minutes of the customs officer’s time for a BIG bag of food and herbs.

13) I have places to put MY stuff.

14) The sky is bright at 5:30 am.

Give me a plane ticket any day. I still want to be back in Singapore.