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1 More DAY!

This is it..

We are off to be married!!!

I will be back in a few weeks. =)

1 more day to our Wedding Celebrations!


Peppermint Biscuits

Oops! Sorry for the disappearing act for the past week. The days are flying by too quickly and before we know it-we will be married in 4 days.

As I’m writing, we got the carpets clean and new bedroom furniture is coming in. AR’s parents will be arriving tonight, friends from Germany tomorrow and my parents on Wednesday. Thursday is the rehearsal and then it’s Friday!

Next will be fun- I get to see my best mates AND the Singapore traditional Chinese ceremonies will begin that Friday as well. I’m also looking forward to spending a few days in Malaysia with all our closest friends and family.

I made these peppermint cookies quite some time ago and they were so so so yummy! Ruthie bought me “Gorgeous Biscuits” mini cookbook by periplus for my birthday last year and it is filled with yummy recipes. As you are aware, I’m always in search for good cookie recipes so I welcome cookbook with both hands. I made this as Christmas gifts and they were a hit.. Very addictive.

Peppermint Biscuits
Basic Biscuit
125grams butter
1/2 cup caster sugar
1 egg
1/4 tsp vanilla
1 cup flour
1 cup self raising flour

Preheat oven 160C
Cream butter and sugar. Add egg and vanilla. Sift flour. Fold through to form a soft dough. Turn dough out into baking paper and cover with another sheet. Roll out to around 5 mm thickness. Using biscuit cutters, cut out shapes and place on the tray.

Peppermint filling
Sift 2 cups of icing sugar into a bowl. Add 5-6 tsp of hot water and few drops of peppermint essence. Mix well and taste (adjust accordingly). The filling should be runny but stiff enough to be spreadable.

Once biscuits cool down- cover half the biscuits with the filling and sandwich the other half.

Wedding thoughts:

After a few hic ups as it will be- things are gearing up to full speed again. When we were at the reception centre confirming items, the rush of thrill came back.. and it’s like seeing what one has planned come in place and the sense of pride!

The engagement ring has been polish and now it sparkles so beautifully. Mum collected our wedding rings so it’s really all coming together.

Our dance lessons are sooo much fun. Gosh, I think even AR surprised himself by how much fun it can be! That is definitely in our dream list-we will be back for more lessons.

We are even having a white carpet for the ceremony in Perth! That will make me feel like a princess!

We attended a wedding yesterday and I got really really teary. Oh gosh, how emotional can one get? When the bride’s father handed the bride to the groom- the father said quite a few words to the groom. I wonder will my own dad do that?

I hope I will have another chance to blog before the big day. If I don’t- rest assured I will be back soon!

Getting really busy with the juggling of work and preparation plus family arriving- I can’t wait to see everyone.

4 more days to the wedding

Indo Chicken Wrap

I picked up a packet of “Indonesian Spices” the other week and it consisted of a “Bali Mix”- Not sure what it means but it was sure was yummy! I marinated some chicken meat with the spice mix, bbq it and placed it in a wrap.


Indo Chicken Wrap
1 packet of Indo Spice Mix “Bali”
1 chicken breast
few slices of cucumber
salad leaves

Chips to serve

Marinate chicken with spice mix. Using a very hot gril pan, cook chicken till just down. Heat up 4 wraps. Place salad leaves, cucumber followed by chicken in the wrap. Serve with chips.

17 days to the wedding

Wedding Thoughts

Over the past week or so, we have done heaps! For instance, I mixed up the church rehearsal dates which resulted in slight panic attack-it’s still being resolved as we speak. Trying to coordinate people flying in from different countries certainly has its own challenges. Still, I did not regret the steps we took.. and we do have great people helping us along.

I have however, organized our Perth reception items-all ready to be delivered to the venue. Now, I just have to finish writing Thank You cards! This also means that I have approximately less than 2 weeks before I go on holidays!

As the days get nearer, AR and I have also started to tease out different songs we need to play at different reception venues. The most HEADACHE songs that we have to chose are the “After the ceremony” songs! Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Are we excited? We sure are! It’s amazing having our ideas come together. God has always been so gracious-and He showed us so many ways how to make it works. That’s why we know it will work out. It always will. =)

Crispy Pork Balls, Brie Cheese and Hazelnut Pasta

Oh ok, so I have been going a tad over board with mince these days.. But hey, but they are really versatile and cheap! Not to mention, most mince are lean (if you choose the correct one) and easy to prepare.

This is pretty much a “leftover” dish- The brie cheese added the creamy touch while the hazelnuts provided the crunch. Surprisingly, the cheese and nuts went very well together.

Crispy Pork Balls, Brie Cheese and Hazelnut Pasta
(serves 4)
200 grams pork mince
2 tsp of corn flour
3 tsp of soya
1 generous tsp of garlic
2 tsp of sweet chili sauce
pepper and salt

Pasta of your choice cooked and drained.
Sliced mushrooms 1 cup
1 cup of snow peas

50 grams brie cheese and handful of crushed hazenut.

Marinate pork mince with all ingredients. Shape them in little balls, pan fried them and drain them with paper towels. Saute snow peas and mushrooms with some olive oil. Toss them through the pasta and pork balls. Dish it up… crumble cheese over pasta and sprinkle crushed hazelnuts over the dish.

Dishing this up for my friends at Presto Pasta! The host this week is founder Ruth from Once Upon a Feast.
Wedding thoughts

As the day draw nearer and nearer…. it amazes me how steadfast we feel and how excited we are. The thought of walking through life together with another person…the feeling is amazing.

I’m a realistic person and realizes how tough the journey of life can be. At the same time, excited about the prospects and plans God has for us. From that point forward, it will be us facing adversity and joy together. Oh maybe after a few years when life becomes mundane… we may change our tune, but relationships constantly needs re-working isn’t it?

Maybe I will look back on this post in a few years time and ponder about it even more! hahaha.

As we attended our pre-wedding preparation course/pre-marital counseling, it makes me realize that if we are doing something difficult for us but will benefit the other person in the relationship-it is to be seen as a gift. A precious one…and that is something I have to bear in mind.

A wife. How odd does that sound? Yet the prospect of being one seems….amazingly wonderful. The responsibilities of being one can be daunting but a step at a time right?

23 days to our Big day