Poached Pears in Orange Juice

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Do you have days where you feel low? The physical and emotional energy seems to have drained from you? Recently I have days like this. I’m usually a person filled with energy and positivity. Occasionally, I feel lousy and wiry. I dislike feeling this way because I don’t identify myself with those emotions at all.

So I did a mental mind map (those will who I work with will call that a FIT tool) (pps- I just realised it can be a pun- FIT as in FIT for physical and emotional health). What could be some of the reasons?

– Perhaps I’m more tired physically. Asher’s molars are emerging and our sleep is a little …. less ideal. (and he isn’t a great sleeper to begin with!)

– Food. I have started eating more as I realised I have not been fuelling my body sufficiently. I have new physical goals to be stronger and I suspect food is holding me back. Now you would think eating more clean food will help me feel better but I believe it brought up some of my old insecurities about my self image.

– Weighing scale. I have stopped weighing myself. Ever since I won the challenge, I stopped counting calories and learned how to read my body on hunger cues. Now is my next step, not weighing myself a few times a week.

– Which brings me to the next point, self image. The above two points means I feel slightly out of control (I think). Which leads to those thoughts about feeling “heavier” or “I have gained weight since I’m eating more”.

– Work. I have added more hours to work, which also means a slight re adjustment to routine and schedules.

– At the gym, I’m trying to “upped the ante”, lifting more, snatching slightly heavier… and realising that my technique needs refinement. All well and good BUT it brought out another weakness of mine… impatience. The “not getting it” and “not being perfect” does stress me out!

– Sore- erm, ok. So i think i over did 1 hour of snatches the other day. My lats were not happy.

– I stopped soy milk as I have been reading many negative reports about soy and have moved back to dairy. While I can tolerate some amounts of dairy, I realised that it still makes me feel a little lousy and maybe even a little bloated.  I’m experimenting with the way I order my coffees and will go Almond or skim as much as possible.

– I have reduced my caffeine intake. Again, one of those things that I’m conscious that I may be over indulging and wanting to cut back a little. Since I’m not liking milk as much, it was also a natural reduction.

Ok, I can see why I feel this way now.

First world problems. 🙂

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So how am I tackling them?

1) Food/weight/body image- It’s a journey. I’m eating cleanly so I believe that it is the right move for my body to eat more than what I did previously. I still have not weigh myself and since I’m trying to be stronger at the gym, my body composition is likely to change. No change in my clothes either. So i’m guessing it’s mainly in my head. OR, my body composition in in the process of changing. I have to embrace the journey. IF not, I shall evaluate where I am in a few weeks time and decide what to do about it (whether to change my meals up a little more, or workouts).

2) Milk- continue to have almond milk or if it isn’t available, have a long mac instead.

3) Workouts- Practice and reflect on what I have accomplished while working on what I want to master. It’s ok to “Be in the process” and “Not get it”. I remembered being impatient post baby and needed to trust myself that what I’m doing is working. This is the same. I did not start out being able to do push ups. Same with lifting heavier or snatching better.

4) Focusing on the blessings. I have come a long way. I am in a good place to be able to experiment physical goals. What’s the worst that can happen? I can just re visit my goals/food and adjust accordingly if things are not working. So I have decided  to write down 5 gratitudes in my new journal every evening before bed (KATE SPADE baby! a gorgeous birthday gift).

5) Practising being kind to myself- all in my thoughts but I’m going to slow down and see the beauty in life. Practising being in the moment and appreciating my surrounds. Asher does not need a negative mumma!

6) I have scheduled in some rest and me time.

7) And I realised… IT’s OK TO BE FEELING LOW at times. We are humans. Feeling low does not indicate something is wrong. It could be a reflection of the many things that are happening at once.


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I know we are in spring but I spotted some gorgeous beurre pears at the markets. Into the basket they went. At home, I poached these little babies with fresh oranges from … haha.. yes Manning Road Markets (just a tad obsess over them). They turned out gorgeous. Saturday evening when Asher is in bed, Hubby and I shared this and had a good chat. Just what I needed.

IMG_1016 (640x427)

Poached Beurre Pears in Orange Juice (serves 2)

1 pear  peeled, halved and cored.

1 orange juice and zest

1/2 cup of water

1 cinnamon quill

Place pear, juice, zest, water and cinnamon quill in a saucepan. Poach for around 25-30 minutes till tender. Serve with a sprinkle of coconut granola.

5 thoughts on “Poached Pears in Orange Juice”

  1. That’s an astute thing to do – a mental mind map to identify and address problem areas. Wish I did that more intuitively. I tend to just suck it up, grin it and bear it as part of life as a mother.

    And good on you for focusing on a strength-based goal instead of a weight loss goal (what’s the point of being skinny but weak?). It is inevitable to gain weight as you gain strength. I actually weigh about 1kg more than after I gave birth almost 12 months ago, but I’m stronger and lifting more than I ever have in the last 9-10 years since I began training with weights. Now that baby girl is almost weaned from breast milk, I might try to lose some weight without losing much strength. (I couldn’t do it before because I found that increasing my training and/or decreasing my food compromised my breastmilk supply; though that wasn’t the case after the birth of my firstborn and it was so easy losing that pregnancy weight (like I wasn’t even trying). I was five years younger though, and probably with different hormonal profile – I heard that our hormones are different with boy vs girl babies.)

    I’ve never poached pears before and pairing pear with orange juice sounds like a delicious combination.


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