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Earl Grey Hazelnut Cranberry Biscotti + Update on my workout routine (Paleo, Gluten Free, Clean Eating)

IMG_1586 (640x427)My exercise regime has changed in recent times. Since 2015, I decided to mix it up and throw in an additional work out session. 

Mondays- Met con

Tuesdays- Metcon

Wednesday- Boxing

Thursday- Metcon

Friday- Active recovery. Walks and stretches

Saturday- Boxing

Sunday- Active Recover. Walks and stretches.


If I decided not to head to a metcon session on Monday, hubby and I will turn out pop sugar fitness or “PT in my Pocket” app, and select a short sharp workout from there. 

It took a little adjustment when I increased training days to 5 sessions a week. Because metabolic conditioning and boxing can be quite high intensity and let’s face it- exercise can be a form of stress, the body can fatigue easily. More is not always the best solution. 

Some signs that I’m careful about include- feeling tired, muscle stiffness, decrease mobility, the feeling of dread when heading to the gym. 

IMG_1583 (427x640)I learned that it is ok to pull back at the gym sometimes. Yes, I might have a few sessions that I’m out there and wanting to smash things. However, I can also go at a 80% pace at times. Those 80% pace or slight modified workouts are gold. It helps the body to calibrate, move and adjust. It means giving my body respect that it needs time to do what it needs to do for strength to be built up. 

Food wise? I tend to eat more clean carbs on workout days. Following my boxing or met con, I would have a little rice, sweet potato or pumpkin. That fuels me up and helps to feed my muscles that have worked hard. On active recovery days, I reduce those carbs but still eat clean. One thing that does not change- I still have my dark chocolate on most nights of the week. Other times, hot tea and a lovely crisp biscotti to chew on.IMG_1591 (640x427)

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