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Loh Mai Kai (Glutinous Soya Pork Rice)

I have raved about this blog before and still continue to draw ideas from this brilliant home cook. When I saw Little Corner’s lazy version of this very popular hawker dish, I decided to give it a go. Can you believe that I have not touched this dish for years! (Approx 8 years probably). One reason is because of the oil that goes with this dish. In hawker centre, I can taste the oil sipping through and being very weight conscious, I couldnt bear to take this dish when I can have other options to try (like my favourite Yong Tou Fu!).

Thankfully, home made version means I can adjust oil and seasoning accordingly. It was super easy and while I was in the zone plating this up, I messed up my Kueh Salat (previous post). Oh well, one win and the other one… to try again!

Loh Mai Kai (Glutinous Soya Pork Rice) -Chicken should be used! But I had pork so I used that instead.. 

1 cup of Glutinous Rice  (i did soak it for a few hours) wash, water level as normal and cook in rice cooker
 200 grams of pork sliced marinated in
2 tablespoon of oyster sauce
1 tablespoon of soya
1 tablespoon of dark (I might reduce this next time)
heaps of pepper

Chinese mushrooms
1 chinese cured sausage (Lup cheong) sliced 

Marinate Pork. While rice is cooking, saute garlic and add lup cheong. When it sizzles, add pork and sauces. Add around 1/4 water if too dry. Taste for seasoning. Add chinese mushrooms. Set mixture aside when cooked.

When rice is nearly done, add in the same portion of seasoning as you would for the pork. Stir well.

Spoon cooked rice into a small bowl. Compact it. Place pork or chicken slices, mushrooms  and lup cheong on top. Press to compact. Place a plate on top of the bowl, turn it over, give it a light tap and remove bowl. Tadah… Loh Mai Kai!


7 thoughts on “Loh Mai Kai (Glutinous Soya Pork Rice)”

  1. Ooo yum! Reminds me I still have lots of glut rice after my last lmk conquest. Time to make more. I love home version too cos not oily and you can flavour it the way you like it and use the best cut of meats. 🙂


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