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Risoni Salad with Honey Pork Patties

Having discover this cute little riced shaped pasta, I couldn’t resist to make a salad out of it. I heard it is good in soups too- so might experiment with it later since the weather is getting colder.

A jar of chargrilled capsicum (I love those stuff), some lemon juice, peans and corn.. a simple salad is made. Pork mince was marinated with honey, 5spice, breadcrumbs, chili flakes, an egg, seasoning and pan fried.

Come to think of it, this meal could probably be easily done on the bbq too! Ah..things we discover afterwards!

Risoni Salad with Honey Pork Patties (Serve 2-3 with plenty of leftovers!)

1 cup of risoni cooked in boiling water as per instructions
1/2 cup of frozen corn and peas
120 gram of chargrilled capsicum
squeeze of lemon juice 

200 grams of pork mince
1 tablespoon of honey
1 tsp of 5 spiced powder
1/2 cup of dried breadcrumbs
2 tsp of chili flakes
1 egg
1/4 cup of corn flour
pepper and salt

Marinate pork mince. Shape into patties and pan fried it.
Meanwhile, toss salad ingredients together. Serve warm.

Sharing something different with friends from Presto Pasta, founded by Ruth. This week, it is hosted by Rachel the Crispy Cook.


8 thoughts on “Risoni Salad with Honey Pork Patties”

  1. That risoni looks awesome, but I have to say I’m super excited about those pork patties. I have a slight obsession with 5 Spice powder.


  2. We get that pasta here, called orzo, sometimes multicolored. Did your pork patties hold together well? I’ve never used corn flour in meat patties. Will have to try that.


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