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Failed Attempt of Kueh Salat

So for a few days, I whispered to myself daily….”In order to appreciate positives, we have to embrace the negatives. When there is failure, then we appreciate success.”

As part of making Kueh Salat, not only do we need to steam the glutinous rice, the custard topping needs to be stirred constantly till it becomes like a creamy looking thick custard. Pour it into the glass pyrex pan, steam it and da-duh, beautiful looking kueh.

Of course, I was distracted (haha, sorry was going through abit of a stress week that particular week!),as I was also making”Lo Mai Kai” (Steam Glutinous Rice with Soya Pork and Mushrooms) at around the same time frame. I was trying to make use of my packet of glutinous rice as much as possible. Not that we are going to finish everything but just to share it with family and friends.

So the custard became lumpy and overcooked just as I glance over to check. It’s too late though. Can’t be salvaged.. and the lumpy custard was poured into the tray… steamed.. My heart goes out to the custard! Poor custard, it wasn’t meant to be! 

back to the drawing board with this one….


7 thoughts on “Failed Attempt of Kueh Salat”

  1. Your little affirmation reminded me of one I had the other morning, looking at the trees outside, and how if it is overcast, the colors are not so vibrant, with more light, we see the full brilliance and appreciate it all the more.Maybe you can make a lot of mochi this year with your remaining rice.


  2. Hi June! It is called Kueh Salat and Kuih Seri Muka =) I took the name from the Nonya recipe book. And I am from Singapore. Kenny- awww. U r the sweetest. Hahaha, That’s a GREAT idea. I love changing names of recipes that didn’t turn out the way it is suppose to. Claudia- I love your attitude Claudia. That is exactly what I meant. I tend to use glutinous rice flour for mochi though hmm..but I am SURE i can find other ways of using the rice up. Ruthie- sweetie! Thank you. U r the best. Always encouraging me =)


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