Chocolate Eclairs

Dear AR

One year ago, you brought me on a surprise trip. We had a wonderful simple dinner with great conversation…and then you asked me to marry you. I was taken aback. I wasn’t expecting it… but at the same time, moved beyond words by your commitment to us.

I always say that actions mean more than words. You knew that was my favorite song. You however, demonstrated more. You did more and you said more. While I was in shock, you continued explaining yourself on why you think it is time for us to seal our commitment and the plans you have for our future.. but I think I surprised you even more by saying yes without asking more questions.

We spoke about marriage so many times…and now, we are on this journey where we are going to make it happen. The past 1 year saw us grew and changed. For me, I have to adapt from being a clinical to research student and then to working full time in a clinical setting. I also have to adapt to being your fiancee. Just as you have to adapt to being my fiance.

I cannot promise you that I won’t be impatient. Nor can I promise you that I won’t have my little mini outbursts…What I can promise you is that I am continuing to learn to be a better partner..and perhaps that may take a journey of a lifetime, but at least I have the privilege to spend the time with you.

Marriage is such a big commitment. It scares me sometimes. The opposite of scared is excited and being scared and excited means that there is always room to grow and love. The seriousness that both of us take on this view also means that we are both committed to make it work despite knowing that it will get hard at times.

Then we have the positives. The lifetime witness to each other growth. How wonderful is this gift that God has given us? A shoulder to cry on. A hug to share the laughter and of course, we cannot forget the anger can we? It’s all part and parcel of loving and working on a relationship.

The planning of the wedding has been interesting…and now we have 6 more months to go. Six more months till we sign on the dotted line. Six more months for us to enjoy our “Singlehood” but that’s ok…we have a life time to enjoy a marriage.

All my love,

PS- recipe taken from Closest Cooking (kelvin)- Chocolate Eclairs.

I love the vanilla bean in this custard.

23 thoughts on “Chocolate Eclairs”

  1. Dear Daphne,This morning before I left for work, you told me to check out your blog today. I truly did not expect a love letter dedicated to me!For all my shortcomings, you love me. You care for me. You make the effort to know me better and always forgive me when I have done wrong. You are a true God-fearing person. You help not only me, but also anyone else out there. Not to forget, you cook and bake very VERY well for me (Blog readers can attest to this!). I could not ask for more.Daphne, you will always have a shoulder to cry on; a person to laugh with. A hand to hold, and a foot to step on πŸ™‚ A shoulder to put your head on, and definitely me for you.-ARp/s yes, you did surprise me by saying Yes without asking more questions.


  2. big boys oven- thanks guys!! Mrs_be- awww. that’s really sweet. thanks for the well wishes.sig- some of my eclairs were flat! but most of them were ok.. ahha.lyrical lemongrass- i hope readers don’t get bored with me talking abt it.. =)joe- 6 more months to prep! haha. 1 year ago was the proposal. =)armand- =)ching- =)peggy- dear sister, still hv 6 more months to go!


  3. you’re so sweet to have written him a vow… my best wishes and prayers for both of you… enjoy the next 6 months of preparation and don’t ever let pressures get into both of you… and yes, he’s lucky he won’t get hungry by marrying you… :)lovely eclair…


  4. That’s such sweet post! πŸ™‚ Six months will just fly by and next thing you know, you are in your gown!! πŸ™‚ When Vik proposed, I was so stunned that the first thing I said to him ‘That ring is not even my size!!’ – the jewelers couldn’t size it on time. If anybody have heard me, they must thought ‘Can’t be any more materialistic, huh?’ Haha. Eh, Happy Diwali to AR! (I assume he celebrates Diwali?)


  5. haha thanks Cecil :)I don’t really celebrate Diwali, but there is no harm in celebrating everything πŸ™‚ When I was young(er), we did visit a few friends and ate really good food. Yes, Daphne is a very sweet girl, and always ensures I have something to eat. Quite often, I say to her that I’m hungry at midnight. She immediately thinks of what she can cook for me! I feel really blessed.On behalf of Daphne and myself, thank you very much for your well wishes. It’s very humbling to know about your support for us, for our pending marriage, and for our lives together.


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