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Thai Red Seafood Curry

Every year at around this time, I reflect on how blessed I am. It’s not just about the food, career or the roof over my head. I have the basics (and perhaps even more sometimes). It’s about the relationships that have been built over the years. Because out of so many people in the whole wide world, these people cared enough to pop me an email/sms/facebook/phonecall/blog just to wish me happy birthday.

This year, I also reflect on how God has blessed me back my health in time for chocolate cake. If there is once slice of cake that I can eat without guilt, it would have to be the slice on THE birthday isnt it? With each bite, I counted my blessings. And then I ran out of bites…

Maybe I should have gone for second helpings.

Thank you to my lovely friends and family. You guys are amazing.

While I get my act together and start posting some photos for our prewedding photoshoot (Also done on my birthday! See! Killing 2 birds with 1 stone, photos for my birthday and wedding-handy huh? LOL), please do enjoy this curry, I loved it! And I know u will as well.

Thai Red Seafood Curry (serves 4)
300 grams of seafood (fish, squid, prawns)
100 grams of baby corn
100 grams of snow peas
1 cup of green peas
100 grams of spinach leaves
2 carrots chopped

2.5 tablespoon of thai red curry
1 can of lite coconut milk
2-3 tablespoons of flour
1 egg

1) Slice seafood into equal portions. Pat dry with paper towels. Coat seafood with egg than flour.

2) Heat work with oil. Fry battered seafood till golden brown. Set aside.

3) Heat red curry paste till fragrant. Add all vegetables and cook till soft. Add can of coconut milk. Simmer for around 2-3 minuites. Add seafood. Cook for around 5 minutes. Serve with warm rice.


25 thoughts on “Thai Red Seafood Curry”

  1. haha. thanks everyone!!will drop an email to u Petrina.Lyrical-aww.. *blushed* thanks for liking my new look! Not that I have the patience to maintain it.. hahaha..


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