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Oh Hello There…

Hip Hip Hooray! We are LIVE!

After posting in More Than Words for 10 years, I have decided that it is time for a change. Not just a template change but I’m plunging into getting the world of owning an URL and to a hosting platform. Woah! I’m wearing big girl pants now. Don’t worry though. Most of the links have been transported here but More Than Words will still be alive. I won’t delate 10 years of my work!

There are a few reasons for having a new website. The main one is that over the past few years, especially in the last year, my focus on food has slowly shifted. From the olden days of having big weekly processed food meals, using ingredients such as flour and wheat, I have moved to a more clean eating lifestyle. I’m feeling fresher, healthier and more importantly, happier within myself. I’m also shifting away from having a URL with duckquacking in it. Yes, it was fun but I think, just like how we need to update our clothes from time to time, the name change is a reflection of my growth as a person. This blog will have a focus on health and nutrition, but also on our family life. For some who know me personally, the name of this space may not be of a surprise to you. Words can indeed nourish or perish a person. I hope to be the former.

I’m choosing 24th of July 2014 as the day to move because…. it’s also Asher’s birthday! My baby boy…. is now a toddler. A year ago today, he was born.

It’s an emotional day for me because memories of his birth is still so fresh to me. For the past 1 year, I have witnessed a new life coming to this world and taking the time to nurture him. Being a mother has changed my perspective of the world. Many things that were important to me are off the table now. My priorities have shifted. I will come back here and write a post on my feelings and thoughts, but right now, please..enjoy this site and let me know what you think.

If you are wondering what we will be doing today? Check out my Instagram and Facebook pages. 😉  Asher will have a taste of cake and heaps of family time and cuddles.

As for us? His Birthday is a reminder of God’s Grace and Generosity but also how we survived the first year of parenthood together. Now that deserve a good long macchiato topped up coffee and cake don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “Oh Hello There…”

  1. hi daphne, congratulations on your new domain and happy birthday to asher! yeah, i like your new site, professional looking and clean too!


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