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I’m a mum of a 1 year old!

Dear Asher,

When Mummy and Daddy found out about you, we were happy beyond words. I’m in awe that I am given this privilege of being your mum. This year, I have learnt and seen you grow….

1) The true meaning of what “Don’t sweat the small stuff” is.

2) The many uses of wet wipes.

3) How being mindful and staying in the moment with you is the most precious time of all.

4) The joys of seeing you flourish and grow.

5) You bring alot of joy to everyone around you. Your great grandmother and both side of grandparents care and love you.

6) Being a family is important. Reaching out and connecting with the extended family is also precious.

7) “Me time” is over rated but appreciated whenever I can grab some.

8) Sleep is also overrated. We have up our notch in our love for coffee.

9) Patience. I know that every cry, every bite you throw on the floor and time you wake up is just an indication of how much you love us and want us around.

10) Love is to a child is very different from romantic love. It’s actually difficult to describe but there is a protectiveness and all encompassing to it.

11) I’m in awe for your love of books and reading.

12) And how much you can move! Where did all the never-ending energy comes from?

13) Your words. I’m really proud that you can say “Mama, Papa, Daddy, Mummy, Ball, Fan, Book and “ane” (Plane).

14) Pointing! You can even point to yourself in photobooks and mirror.

15) The ferocity of your temper tantrums when you couldn’t get what you wanted.

16) Your charming ways. So far, you have received free gifts from cashiers to store keepers. Those gifts were books, key rings, wind up toys and even a vespa model bike!

17) Your love for strong tasting food like indian spices (Cumin and Coriander anyone?)

18) Your shy kisses and cuddles

19) Your facial expressions and honesty in expression of how you feel.

20) Flexibility. I have become more flexible and organised than I have ever before! I have organised lists, meal plans for you and the family, make mental lists and plan plan plan plan for everything.

What we really want you to remember though, is that your great grandmother would have love to celebrate this milestone with you. Unfortunately she couldn’t be here with you. She was extremely proud of you and in her visits to the hospital, every doctor and nurse would have seen and heard about your little achievements and strengths.

We also want you to cherish your grandparents. Although they are overseas, they are just as important. We hope you will never forget your Chinese roots and remember to honour your seniors accordingly.

Don’t let all the love get into your head. As parents, we promise to love you, but also guide you in love. So stop climbing on to that table now!


Your mummy and daddy


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