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Chorizo Prawn Salad

I think it is a huge myth that salads can’t be tasty. One of my favourite Sunday lunches would be a quick salad filled with ingredients. Now, Chorizo isn’t exactly the healthiest sausage around but it’s strong tasting- which means less is more. I used a cold pan to fry slices of chorizo in, which helps the fat melts. I drain the fat away (although if you want more flavour, you can always retain it) and place chorizo on paper towels to further absorb more oil.

Chickpeas, grilled red onions, juicy prawns- what’s not to love!  Although it’s winter now, a warm salad sorts of break the monotonous meals of stewed meat, casseroles, soups…etc. It’s light and hearty at the same time.

Tell me what are your favourite combination of salads?

Chorizo Prawn Salad
1 Spanish Chorizo sliced
1 red onion sliced finely
1 can of chick peas
around 150 grams of shelled prawns
2-3 cups of baby spinach leaves

Grill chorizo slices till done. Drain oil and place chorizo on paper towels. Using the same pan, grilled red onions till nice and done! Toss in the prawns and then chick peas. Add chorizos. Spoon mixture onto baby spinach. Sprinkle some black pepper of needed. EAT =)


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