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New placement..

is exciting. I’m enjoying my role at the moment. The staff there are great. The children can be challenging (but so is their background). It’s quite messy at times but overall, I’m enjoying it.

My supervisors are really nice.. and I’hv been treated like a staff member more so than a ‘lowly student’. The teachers really appreciate any input which is a nice change too!!!

The children, although I have caught them in a ‘bad day’ (i mean serious aggression bad day), were lovely. Aggression isn’t scary when u know the intention wasn’t to harm anyone. It’s a natural reaction for people to run away, but the children need more positive regard and to remind them that positive behaviors r more impt than negative ones in that case.

I admire the staff there. The ability to remain so calm. The ability to speak in such quiet voices to calm a child.

Sometimes I fluctuate and wonder if working with children is really what I want. Afterall, I’m better with adults. The thrill, however, cannot be denied. Oh well, it’s the best of both worlds really… especially when the one of the parents turn out to have a personality disorder……


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