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Chinese New Year Cookies!

Happy Piggy Year!

CNY in Perth is really quiet. It makes sense that CNY isnt just about the music, food, etc etc but about people. The lack of people to celebrate with makes a difference. Due to the lack of mandarins oranges in Australia (wrong season!), I took 2 ferrero rocher and wished granny a happy healthy new year! Well, the meaning is the same-the wrapper is GOLD in color and so they sound the same as the mandarin oranges in Cantonese. Also, they are sweet! Granny happily ate them up straight away too!

I baked some cookies to ‘enhance’ the feel of the CNY season.

Almonds Cookies
I knew I found a recipe worthwhile when granny said “At last! A cookie that I like!” These has the melt-in your mouth texture which makes it easier for her to bite and swallow. I have been searching for quite some time for a good cookie recipe so I’m really pleased with these.

Cheese and Prawn cookies

These are a little unusual. They are savory with a hint of chili powder in them. I was surprised by how tasty they were! Unfortunately they are not as crispy as they looked. I think it’s the cheese that made them slightly soft.


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