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Malaysia Trip

I’m back!

I was greeted by a tail wag from Dino and barks from Zorro upon reaching Mr AR’s house in Malaysia. Dino is such a calming dog. According to Mr AR’s mum- he waits at the gate when we went out. How sweet. Zorro on the other hand… is scared of AR!!!!!!!

I’m not sure how i fared but I got along ok with Ar’s parents (i think). His mum gave me a pair of shoes, biscuits to bring back to Singapore n Aus, a bag and some prawn paste. Uncertain if that is a good sign but i’m leaning towards it now.

I felt included in the family, both parents were tactful and appeared genuinely interested in what i am doing and who I am as a person. Perhaps they were more worried about what kind of influence i will have on their oldest son!

Did i mention that SHOES shopping was great? I bought 3 pairs!

I’m such a glutton over there. All the food looks so good….. the nonya and Malay food especially. Look at the chicken rice balls in Malacca!

Chicken rice in Malacca.

Nonya Food in Malacca.
Kangkong, Sambal Sotong and Ayam Buntang (i think).

I cant remember what’s the name…. AR-HELP

Kino in KLCC. There is quite a good selection of clinical psych books there. Didnt buy any though! Was thinking of the luggage weight limit to Australia.

Yes.. i’m bo liao, taking picture outside Kino. Hey, i like that bookshop ok?

did i mention that i really like A&Ws onion rings? Ah..those were the good childhood days when onion rings were available in Singapore.


5 thoughts on “Malaysia Trip”

  1. It is called Nasi Kerabu or Nasi Ulam (Kelantanese food). The queue is usually very long during lunch hours, good thing we were there early 🙂 You wouldn’t run out of food to try… I didn’t manage to bring you to eat the nice rojak near my house yet.. one for next time! It’s ok to indulge in good and cheap food once a year. So only the shoes shopping was great eh? :p


  2. Yeah, i would have bought more shoes… but thinking that my mum will probably kill me. Ar’s mum gave me a pair that even my mum and grandma liked. That means 4 pairs of shoes altogether. Grandma even wore it in the kitchen……… while cooking for a while…The clothes was a disappointment though. AR- i really like the Nasi Kerabu, especially the chicken+ bean sprouts + pasley + mint+ cucumber strips… so cooling. What is the cake thing that we bought from Pasa Malam? The one with coconut +corn + peanuts? That was so yummy.. Benji- I’m happily still a MISS.


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