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I was walking home yesterday when I passed by this group of secondary school students. My first thought when i saw them was “They look so young.” There was an air of naivety, innocence and even time. It was as if they were telling us that there is all the time in the world for them to make mistakes, learn and grow old.

It’s strange. When you are at that age, you dont think you are young (just like i dont think i’m old now :p). A ex-classmate said he felt that guys didnt change as much as girls since primary school. According to him, guys are still as playful as ever. Girls however, seem to take on more responsibilities. I disagree. No matter how playful they are, they seemed to have more plans for the future. Oh, did I mention what gentlemen they are? I didnt have to carry my shopping bags at all! Guy A offered to carry one bag, than Guy B felt bad so carried another…then Guy C turned up and then took over that bag from Guy B. I should have done more shopping that day! Look, they would have LAUGHED at me when we were in sec 3, instead of offering to carrying them! At least they changed that :p.

It was a good night. We didnt want to stop chatting.

Anyway, back to the topic of being a teenager. I missed listening to 98.7FM till 2AM at night while trying to complete my never-ending homework. Those were the days when I enjoyed practicing my flute and googling Prince William’s picture (oh goodness, he was so good looking then). My worries were getting the Prefects’ duty plan out on Monday mornings, collecting $ for the band, practicing the piano and flute, not failing mandarin and completing A-maths homework (i cant seem to complete them!).

Like I said, you didnt think u were that innocent when you were of that age.

Some things didnt change though. I have been blessed with understanding and loving friends. Ever after 6 long years, my ex- classmates are still in contact and we chatted as if I have never left the country. My best friend/s still welcome me back to Singapore each year without fail. My grandma still thinks i’m 8 years old.

Regardless, we have to admit that we are older. Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

Check out what Peggy did to my nails.

The friendship ring that Ruth, Peggy and I bought 2-3 years ago still looks ok isnt it? =)


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