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Product Review: Crayola Colour Alive!

Product Review: This review is brought to you by Nuffnang and Crayola.

IMG_3134A cool packaged arrived. Not one, but FOUR awesome colouring books from Crayola for our enjoyment and review.

Crayola Color Alive – Disney Frozen
Crayola Color Alive – Marvel Avengers
Crayola Color Alive – Mythical Creatures
Crayola Color Alive – Enchanted Forest

 Asher, being 3 soon, absolutely loves to doodle, draw and colour. Crayola has been one of our first choices of first crayons to purchase. One of our favourite products would be their paint and huge pavement chalk. IMG_3139

Crayola Colour Alive uses current technology to bring our children’s colouring literally to life. I remember hubby (Being in the IT industry), telling me how cool toys would be as they turn 4D. Imagine his happy smiles when he saw Colour Alive technology come to life. 


The generosity means that Asher and I spent quite a few hours of quality time together, choosing the pages and colouring over them. Mr Bossy of course decided that I would colour and he would let me know what colours he wants. As a mum, I like anything that is easy to package and bring along in our travels, so I’m pleased to see a little pocket at the back where the crayons can be kept. 

The colouring books are simple enough for a 3 year old to flip through, hold a pencil and colour. He still needs plenty of my help, but those material isn’t unfamiliar to him. When you watch the video, you will see that Ash is particularly fond of Frozen….


All we needed to do after colouring is to download an App “Colour Alive” onto our iPad or phone. Turn the App on, choose the theme, point the camera over it, and select 4D or magic effect. Then see your colouring come to life! 


I recommend saving your special 4D character. That’s where the fun begins! You get to turn it around, make it kick, and even take photos with it.

The products RRP at $7.99 each and are available at major leading retailers. Each pack includes six Crayola Crayons, one Special Effects Crayon, 16 Action Coloring Pages, and FREE app download (iPhone, Android and Windows Phone). Drawings with the Special Effects Crayon will add amazing animated effects to your coloring page within the Color Alive app.

 For more information on this please visit the website