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Chicken Basil and Carrot Patties

Being on the no sauce and no sugar diet makes me think out of the box. I learned to use more spices and certainly more herbs. I rely more on the natural ingredient rather than using sauces to enhance it.

I also realised how reliant I was on so many things. From chinese cooking wine to sauces… and I have not baked for a month!

Usually I made these chicken patties with breadcrumbs and sauces. Today, I made them with shredded carrot and basil leaves with egg to bind them. I was seriously surprise by the outcome. It was meaty and juicy.

A hint of sesame and of course, sesame oil again lifts the flavour. Going back to basics does work after all!!

Chicken Basil and Carrot Patties (makes around 8-10)
500 grams chicken mince
1 carrot shredded
1 bunch of basil leaves- probably around 50 grams or so
toasted sesame seeds
1 tsp of sesame oil
1 egg

Bind everything together, fridge for around 20 minutes. Shape them into patties and fry them!



8 thoughts on “Chicken Basil and Carrot Patties”

  1. Cela doit être très délicieux ! Huuumm ça à l’air bon ! J’achèterai les ingrédients et je la préparerai bientôt !! Je vous dirais pour le résultat… Merci de nous avoir mis ce joli partage. voyances


  2. Ching- Thanks!Tigerfish- Yeah! I’m learning heaps from you!!Joanne- thank you!Jessica- ;)Lena- you are welcomed!Mary- ahhh.,. a good sea salt is always welcomed!


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