Engagement Night

Like many girls, one do not know when the guy will propose (some do though!). I’m no exception. The difference is that I like taking photographs of sceneries and the restaurant that we have our meals in. In a way, this provided a pictorial account of what happened that evening.

Saturday came. We had 2 children birthday parties to attend. Mid way through and AR told me that we will be heading off somewhere the next day after church. It’s to celebrate us being together. As a couple, we seldom celebrate “milestones” since we started dating, instead choosing to focus on how God works in our lives and supporting each other through the past few years. I wasn’t surprised that he wanted something for us that day though, it was our 2 years 6 months dating anniversary officially. (If you ask him, he will say 3 years + as that was when he decided that he wants to date me).

So anyway, we arrived late in Mandurah that afternoon. After a short rest (and hotel drama), we proceeded to the restaurant.

Red Manna is situated on the 2nd floor, facing the Mandurah river, along Mandurah Terrace.

This was the view from our table. It was the first day of daylight savings so it was so bright and sunny! Ar was so calm! We waited and chatted. It’s really nice to be away and just having a few hours to talk by ourselves.

We didn’t order any entree and went straight to mains. My fish of the day, which was Rankin Cod was grilled and served with baked potato (which I requested, changing from chips). The fish was moist and the baked potato was delicious! AU$29.90.

AR had the rack of lamb, which was just wonderful. Moist and cooked to perfection. This is the way lamb should be cooked. It was tender and served on a bed of sweet potato mash and vegetables. Although it is quite a classic dish, we were impressed by how the flavors merge together and create harmony. Au$32.

What we were most impressed of, was their dessert platter. Served two-tiered, there were 8 mini-selections of their desserts. Costing just AU$17.60, we think it was a bargain. A single dessert dish would have set us back at around AU$15. There was a look of envy from neighboring tables when they served this.

On the top tier (starting from the back, clockwise), we had panna cotta served with raspberry coulis, wafer basket with chocolate ice-cream, sticky date pudding with caramel sauce and coconut ice-cream with poached pear. The middle was strawberry and cream.

The bottom tier had dark chocolate tart with fruits of the forest compote. A slice of brie cheese with cracker, creme brulee and passionfruit cheesecake. The chocolate tart was beautiful and rich. I did find the passionfruit cheesecake slightly too sweet for my liking. The creme brulee was indeed creamy and fulfilling.

The flavors presented in this restaurant was clean and elegant. Classic food with a beautiful view. For many places, view and service is compromised by food. This place is an exception though and we found that they merge all aspects really well.

The proposal?

Ok.. so it looks dark but it’s a lovely quiet place by the water. I won’t show my face because I look like a mess as I couldn’t stop crying!


Red Manna Waterfront
5/9 Mandurah Tce
Mandurah, WA 6210
ph: (08) 9581 1248
fax: (08) 9581 1165

14 thoughts on “Engagement Night”

  1. Thank you all 🙂 The Red Manna was an excellent restaurant.. I would recommend it to anyone. You can’t find a better prelude to an engagement!


  2. Hi – first visit to your blog. And since engagements always keep the couple smiling – atleats I remember I wad for days after – congratulations!!! 🙂 Dessert looks fantastic – agree, seems like a steal!


  3. m&ms-thanks!! I’m still smiling and it has been nearly a month! ;p lyrical lemongrass-thank you! precious pea-it’s a lovely place isn’t it? I think it will remain a special place for 2 of us a long time to come. wandering chopsticks-how did u guess? he did! He told me why he thinks this is the right time and future for us.. it was so touching that i burst out in tears all over again..


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