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Linseed Coconut Bread (Paleo, Gluten Free)

IMG_2155 (640x427)As the weather is still cool, I really like to bake a loaf of bread or some savoury loaf of some sort whenever we have soups. We love our soups, and it is one of the easiest thing I get to do to batch up cooking. A big pot of soup usually lasts us for 2 days. That means I can return home from a workout, and know that a warm comforting bowl awaits me. Soup is not the same without something toasty to dip into hence I am always on the look out for healthy bread recipes or ingredients that I can experiment at home.IMG_2154 (640x427)

As a family, we have decided that bread is one thing we can do with less. Gluten just does not sit well with hubby and myself. We are not coelics though, but does not like how too much bread makes us feel. If we are out, rye and sourdough are our choices, but at home, we see no reason to have food that isn’t as nutrient dense as what other ingredients can provide. IMG_2158 (640x427)

I find that psyllium husks and linseed meal provides a more bread like texture. I have created this bread 3-4 times now, and have adjusted the liquid to dry ingredients ratio. I think this makes the cut! A friend experimented with chia egg which I think will work well too if you are wanting the bread to be less “eggy” or for allergy reasons. Asher loves his with avocado in the morning, while hubby likes to place a few slices of smoked salmon on his. It is a rather smallish size bread loaf though, but I would think it could even work well as a sandwich. Now, I just have to experiment with this recipe to make it a decent jaffle bread toastie!

IMG_2156 (640x427)

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