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Matcha Goji Slice (Raw, Paleo, Gluten Free) + Food Judgement P2

IMG_3162 (640x427)Would it be a surprise to you if I say that our food decisions are evolving? At certain points of my life, I have become strict- often having “good food” and “bad food”. I followed strictly to my meal plans, and had great success in achieving several goals. In the process, I discover that there is no such thing as good or bad food- it is food that your body can manage and feel good in. 

Most people I know, would not say “I feel bad eating real food”. While I do have a bite of non-gluten, non-paleo and sugar filled, wheat filled desserts or meals here and there, I eat there being informed that they are for taste and enjoyment. Not health reasons. I still cringe when people think I’m restrictive or “am forever on a diet”. Is health diet a good enough reason? Matcha Goji Slice

The other day, we went out for dinner. It was relaxing, I had a glass of sparkling and ate mostly the meat and vegetables. I had a few bites of a wonderful tasting goats cheese ball (deep fried of course and Asher finished MINE!), and perhaps one of the crispy cracker that went with the guacamole. Perhaps it was my body not being used to gluten, or there was something there that I reacted to- but boy for nearly a week did my gut suffered 😦 While it was not as bad as previously, I was feeling sluggish, together with feelings of bloated, with odd hunger but with no appetite. It seriously reminded me of my IBS days, but in a milder form. IMG_3160 (640x427)

That totally reminded me of why we eat the way we do. I do not regret that dinner, it was a happy occasion and the food tasted wonderful. It did however, remind me that no one else need to judge about my health but me. 

Did I ever mention that I like raw desserts? Oh yes. Must be a million times. This simple Matcha Goji Slice is very low in sugar, gluten free, paleo friendly, high in anti oxidants and tastes like home. Note to self- investing in good quality matcha is a must. I suspect that poorer quality oxidises even quicker. IMG_3163 (640x427)

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Matcha Bliss Balls (Paleo, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free) + Being Mindful of our Words and Thoughts

I titled my little space here “Words That Nourish” simply because I felt that words itself is powerful enough to influence our mind, thoughts and behaviour. What we say influence how we think and behave. How often do we let words hurt us rather than nourish us. How often do we put ourselves down? 

Words though does not just impact on ourselves. A sharp word unintentionally can easily bring down the other person. I feel that the less obvious is when we do not uplift others. Giving another person encouragement, praise or a kind word can be nourishing if not more than not saying something “negative”. 

I have been brought up in a typical Asian family where praise is not often used. Instead, I’m showered with love and care through food, books and not needing to worry about my daily needs. Ironically, I grew up loving giving hugs and affection. Must be all the time I spent with my teddies and barbies when I was a kid! (Also a possible only child syndrome) Matcha Bliss Balls

Lately though, I noticed that as work, home and being a parent consume me, I have fallen into the trap of being more self focused. When one is tired, suddenly the who world seems over whelming. A usual simple chore appears bigger than ben hur. I started to question why I do things and how I do them. It’s like my confidence has been shaken. The negative self talk happens and the world starts to be more grey than usual.

Then it hit me. When was the last time I have been kind, positive and uplifting to someone else? I have been too busy focusing on “tired me” that I haven’t slowed down to notice what is around me. 

Paying compliments, being kind and having a listening ear. That has always been me. Lately, in the midst of trying to chase my tail, I lost that abit. How did I realise that? Over the past 1 week, someone paid a compliment to the top I was wearing, another complimented how I did not back down on my principles, and my husband said he enjoyed a soup I made for dinner. It washed through me. I did not even notice it. 

The art of giving compliments is matched by the art of receiving them. That was when I realised that I was not listening. It horrifies me bit. How many people have I switched off to automatically over the past week or so? 

I made a point. To slow down again. To listen. To repeat back what others have said, to notice things. To be more mindful about the gorgeous flowers that was on my kitchen bench top. The pretty colours on my scarf. The warmth of the sun. The bitter sweet taste of my favourite chocolates. 

Suddenly, the focus is off me. The grey is less grey. The world is brighter. IMG_1755 (640x427)

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