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Macadamia Rhubarb Strawberry Crumble (Gluten free, clean eating)

IMG_2115 (640x427)In the month of mid June to July, I realised that I have been snacking unconsciously and eating more than what I would have usual. My body being quite sensitive, reacted quite quickly. I was feeling sluggish and heavy. Since recording what I have been eating for a few weeks, and re adjusting to smaller portions and conscious snacking, I’m back on track. 

It is winter though, and those warm desserts can be quite alluring. I do not like operating in a “deprivation” framework and often like to focus on what we can have and enjoy. When a cold night calls, I’m often snuggle up on the couch with a throw rug and a hot cup of white tea (or red tea), perhaps a mug of cacao, few pieces of dark chocolate and if I want more…. some form of dessert. IMG_2117 (640x427)

This crumble was one of them. I spotted some gorgeous red rhubarb at the local markets. At home, I diced the stalks, placed it in an oven proof dish with squeeze of orange juice and strawberries. As they cooked to perfection in the oven, I combined coconut flakes, drizzle of oil, macadamia nuts. That went on top and browned for a few minutes. 

A simple dessert that is so simple that I’m not sure if it counts as a recipe. Sometimes that is all we need to round the night off. A warm dessert and a hot cup of tea. Those simple life treasures is what I appreciate. Stillness and quietness of the night. IMG_2116 (640x427)

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