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Sweet Potato Tuna Mornay (Gluten Free, Clean Eating, Paleo)

Sweet Potato Tuna MornayOn my off days, I like to try to make fresh lunches for Asher. It doesn’t always happen- and on those days, I will pull out some freezer store food for him. Back in Singapore, many advised me not to freeze food and that little ones should have fresh food daily. They caution me that it is “bad” for health. IMG_2036 (640x427)

I can see the reason for fresh food. They probably retain more nutrients and mostly (except for curries and soups), fresh just tastes better. My general thought is that home cooked frozen food is probably still better than store bought or fast food. I like to think that this stash of food is my security. If I’m caught up at work, or that we are in a hurry, I know that there is something nutritious in the freezer for him. For hubby, it means that he can pull something out and warm it up for Asher if I’m not around. It works for our family. 

For fresh meals, some options are

– soba noodles with pork mince and veges

– Stuffed tuna baked potato with veggies and sprinkle of cheese

– pan fried fish with sweet potato or pumpkin

– Quinoa with different veggies like carrots and capsicum with a protein

– stir fry sweet potato noodles 

– grass fed gluten free lamb sausages with sweet potato and mix of vegetables. 

We usually have eggs for breakfasts or snacks but if we don’t omelettes can be an options. Vegetables can be fresh or frozen depending on what I have on hand. I usually like to mix it up for Asher. IMG_2033 (640x427)

Sweet potato Tuna Mornay has been a winner recently. I would simmer tuna in a sauce of coconut milk, pinch of nutmeg, mixed frozen vegetables. Sometimes, I might add a tbsp of cheddar cheese. Sweet potato is either steamed or quickly cooked in the microwave and mashed with more coconut milk/milk. Placing the tuna at the bottom and the sweet potato at the top, I would grilled it for a few minutes till it becomes a little crusty. Parmesan cheese is lovely on it too. IMG_2039 (640x427)

Seeing Asher eat is a joy to me. I’m really lucky (for the moment anyway) to have a good eater. My hope is that as he grows older, he would continue to enjoy good clean healthy food. If you have a toddler or young kids, and are looking for some food ideas, hope this works for you too!

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