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Fudgy Avocado Brownies (Paleo, Gluten Free, Clean Eating)

IMG_2016 (427x640)As you may be aware. The first thing I ever made that was a success were brownies. Over the years when I was in university, brownies were my thing. A gift for my lecturers, birthday parties, work morning tea. I celebrated with brownies. I have of course added twists and have made version 2 which is a flourless one and 3 which is a healthier version before. IMG_2012 (640x427)

Most healthy versions of brownies never quite cut it with me. Not fudgy enough or perhaps too cakey. So when I come across the use of avocado in brownies, I had to try it.  Afterall, one of my favourite healthy after dinner treat is a avocado chocolate mousse. They are not the usual brownies of course. The fudgy factor though is there. I love the rich and creamy cacao taste of this little bite. It’s so good that I reckon I could just eat it raw without baking. That spells danger. IMG_2011 (640x427)

I would even think that as this can be made with a nut free butter like a Sunbutter or a combination of that with coconut butter for allergy friendly schools. One thing I can see with this recipe is that it uses a whole cup of nut butter which, while it is great source of protein, it is easy to overeat! I deliberately cut it in small bite sizes and savour each bite. In the future, I would play around with reducing the nut butter and a tbsp of coconut flour perhaps. I have also spotted some sweet potato brownies recipe by a few paleo authors and am keen to experiment with that too. IMG_2010 (640x427)

If you think that the avocado taste is too strong, I suggest adding more honey which a friend of mine did, more cacao or a combination of both. It is quite a forgiving recipe, hence you can play around with the ratios as you blend it up in the food processor. 

Meanwhile, give it a go! I really like it. Avocado Chocolate Brownie

[yumprint-recipe id=’58’] 



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