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Coconut Shortbread (Paleo, Gluten Free, Nut Free)

IMG_1948 (640x427)The other day it hit me. We are in July. 

That means my baby is turning 2 years old in two weeks. IMG_1946 (640x427)

I know every parent probably feels the same way, but that past year felt like it has gone in a flash. The first year went quick enough, but the 2nd? It totally felt quicker. 

Some of it is because as life gets busier, time just seems to slip pass my fingers even more. The past year has been a year of adjustments and change. Returning to work part time, adjusting my brain cells to not just a mummy but a functioning sleep deprived worker, readjusting my workout goals, our marriage and of course, growing together with our little man. Readjusting our expectations, widening our knowledge about him and learning how to read him. 

We are proud parents. 

Taking the pause to reflect on his personality and his growth. Asher is starting to show a preference in what he likes. A mix of reading and being a boy, he loves his wheels. His speech is clearer and he is saying 4-5 words sentences though not fluently, and sometimes in staccato. Some examples are: “mama, sit down please.” “more milk mama “mama. read. train book. please.” I love how he curls his hands around my neck and give me big kisses and cuddles.IMG_1947 (640x427)

My little affectionate child. Though he seems to shy away from other kids and know how to say no very well when they come close. 

Of course, he loves his “babycino”- a little cup of hot froth milk with some sprinkle of chocolate powder. Often he would say “mama’s coffee”, daddy’s coffee, Asher’s milk milk”.

I’m still figuring out what snacks to make for him. At day care and at church creche, he has an arrowroot biscuit which he enjoys. At home, I try not to give him package food but besides cakes, he has rejected cookies that I have made. This was my attempt to make a clean version of a shortbread. Hubby and I quite like it but Asher still says no to it! Back to the drawing board!IMG_1950 (640x427)

[yumprint-recipe id=’53’]


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