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Tahini Chocolate Fudge

IMG_1731 (640x427)I never thought that I have a sweet tooth. Sure, I do like my desserts but I like my savoury snacks too. These days, I like to keep a stash of some form of snacks in the freezer whenever the feeling hits. It’s usually post lunch where I just felt like something special or additional. 

The tricky thing about these sort of snacks is that it is easy to “just have one more”. No matter how clean they are, I like to remember the reason why I am eating it. Often, I ask myself the questions ofIMG_1730 (640x427)

1) Am I hungry?

2) Is it a chocolate craving?

3) Did I eat enough for lunch?

4) Is it because I’m just peckish? 

Eat consciously is what I’m getting at. 

So many times I just scoff down food in a hurry. Being a mum does it to you. It’s even worse on my work day. Working part time means I’m constantly trying to squeeze in as many tasks as possible. Often, this result in lunch by the desk or a snack in the car. Wednesdays are worse for me. If I don’t eat, I find it really hard to attend my boxing class. 

That’s when freezer protein snacks like that comes in handy. The tahini provides a rich flavour, with the cacao bitterness showing through. I savour this. You can’t not. Almost like a reece peanut butter cup. Just almost. IMG_1728 (427x640)

[yumprint-recipe id=’35’]


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