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Review: Baby Bumkins Wet Wipes



(Where are the wet wipes!)

Ever since Asher arrived, I came to know about the wonderful use of wet wipes. They can be used for EVERYTHING. I wipe down trolleys, high chairs, change tables, grubby hands, and dare I say it, even on my own clothes/bag. A good friend whose husband is getting into the field of dermatology, told me to look out for wipes without MI (methylisothiazolinone). It seems MI is linked to rashes, allergy reactions and possible eczema. With Asher being predispose (both hubby and I have mild eczema), we wanted to err on the side of caution. 

Since then, I’m conscious about the type of wet wipes we use. We changed all our wipes to organic ones without MI. Our friends reminded us that the ingredient will linger when we wipe down chairs and equipment, which of course will have contact with the child’s skin. The down side of course is the cost. 

Other things we look out for when purchasing wipes are 1) fragrance free, 2) good size so that we can give little Asher a good wipe without using 5-6 of them!),  3) moist enough and 4) Does not make my skin feel dry or Asher’s skin go red/sore/nappy rash. 


When Baby Bumkins arrived in the mail, I was cautious yet keen to try them out.

I received

1×3 value pack 80 sheets of Fragrance Free Baby Bumkins Wipes (RRP $9.99)

1 x 80 sheets of Fragrance Free Baby Bumkins Wipes (RRP $3.99)


1x 80 sheets of Lightly Fragrant Baby Bumkin Wipes (RRP $3.99)


A quick research show that they do not have MI. They are dermatological tested and are free from nasty chemicals. Much to my surprise, they are soft, moist and does not have any artificial smell. I love how they pop out easily with the opening. After trailing them for 3 days, there were no rashes or any allergic reactions. Hubby voted for them, saying that he prefers the thickness of these wipes in comparison to the ones we usually use! Big ticks for me if hubby loves them too. My favourite would be the fragrance free ones.  With the value pack of $9.99 for 3, they are definitely more budget friendly. 

We are definitely going to look out for them in the shops. Baby Bumkins is a new brand that will be made available in IGA stores. 


This product talk is brought to you by Nuffnang and Baby Bumkins. Opinions and thoughts are of my own. 




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