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Cauliflower Pizza (Clean Eating, Toddler Friendly, Gluten Free)

IMG_1639 (640x427)One long weekend, we headed out for brunch. I did not plan to make lunch at home because I thought brunch would make us full. By 2pm though, hubby looked at me and I know…he was hungry! 

I go through bit of a roller coaster ride when I cook on weekends. Especially long weekends when I envisioned extra family time, long lunches and walks around the park. Flipping through cookbooks, I tend to think “ooo..I want to try that. Darn! It might take more than an hour, I shall leave that to the weekend”. And of course, when weekend comes around, all I want is simple and fast because I want to spend more time being in the outdoors, having meals with friends or simply not wanting to hurry home when Asher wants another turn on the slide. IMG_1640 (427x640)

Cauliflower pizza was one of those recipes. I filed that away for a “Friday dinner” or “light long weekend lunch”. Honestly, it’s not that hard. Blanching chopped up cauliflower, mixing it up with some cheese and baking them hardly seems difficult. For some odd reason though, the thought of having to do the cooking process twice (Blanching then grilling) flashes “more work and more to wash up” to me. IMG_1637 (427x640)

So that’s what happened. Cooking is a joy. But the joy can turn into pain when time and effort comes in it. I still enjoy being in the kitchen and creating recipes. On weekdays, it’s all about quick and easy, utilising the oven or pressure cooker as often as I can. On the odd occasion, I would try something that requires just a tad more effort. This is one of them. 

Once I made it though, there was no turning back. Crisp cauliflower base with a topping of mushrooms, ham and some fresh basil. Asher woke from his nap and gobbled up a few pieces for his afternoon tea. Then we head out and played at the park. As simple and boring as it sounds, those little moments make me happy. Now that’s a perfect weekend to us. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’30’]


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