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Banana Sultanas Cookies + My Breastfeeding Journey

It really doesn’t seem that long ago when Asher was born. That precious newborn smell, endless nights and diaper changes. Now, he is toddler. 

IMG_4632I stared at him this morning.  I couldn’t help it. We were having rough and tumble play. He was calling out to me “mama! cuddles!” and “mamama… eyes!” “mamama! Up up!” Not long before, I was cuddling him in my arms and now he is a wriggling little boy. IMG_4225

Asher is nearly 21 months now- which is 1 year and 9 months. When I first started breastfeeding, those early days were a haze. Latched on every 3 hours. Biting my tongue as my nipples cracked and bleed. Stuffing my bra with nursing pads. Feeling stuck to chair/couch/bed all the time. I felt that Asher was constantly attached to me. Fast forward 1 year 9 months, and we are still continuing our breastfeeding journey. 

Honestly, between you and me, I’m pleased and surprised that we have come this far. When we first started, all I wanted was to hit 3 months, then 6mths, then 9mths, then 1 year. 

Those early days were hard but I was one of the lucky ones. I did not have mastitis, although I had hard lumps. Hot compresses and Asher latching on frequently were the only things that helped. Milk came in on the 5th day and it was go go go from then. I think my supply only stabilised when Asher was around 6 weeks, which of course was hit by another growth spurt. I felt more comfortable breastfeeding by the time Asher was 12 weeks young. I could even carry him in a sling and breastfeed him while walking around Target! IMG_3281

In fact, I could breastfeed him anywhere. In the middle of dim sum? No problems. Eating with one hand. I nailed it. 

The sleep deprivation was a pain. Waking up multiple times a night was not easy. I recall crying myself to sleep one morning, and when my mum asked what was wrong, all I could say was “I’m so tired!” 

What helped? 

– Regular wholesome snacks like chia pudding, nuts, eggs and hot drinks (like cacao with almond milk).

– Not having to worry about household chores or meals for the first few weeks.

– Doing light exercises

– Meeting up with mothers and attending mothers group.

– A very very supportive husband and family members. 


When Asher started solids at 6mths, he took to it quite quickly. Slowly the breastfeeding frequency reduced. From 8 times a day, it was down to 6, and then 4…. eventually, at around the 13-14mth mark, he was only having once a day feed and twice night feeds. Now, he has one feed early morning, which always lead to cuddles before we wake for the day. IMG_4944

I have nothing against formula (In fact, I stocked up on one box of sachets- I wasn’t sure how we would go and I wanted to be prepared). It was an added bonus that this journey has been relatively smooth sailing for us. I would never forget those days and nights, where I cuddled up my little boy, held so close to me, knowing that we will share this special bond. Banana Sultanas Cookies

I don’t know when our breastfeeding journey will end. I hope to reach the 2 years mark. However, I know that my supply has reduced tremendously and Asher appears to be getting the nourishment he needs from meals in the day. He would have perhaps a cup of milk in the morning (and sometimes, I would pump milk for day care which will be mixed into cows milk). The day will come I’m sure. Again, Asher is naturally weaning himself which works for us. I’m sure if I have to wean him, it would be another story! IMG_1599 (427x640)

Since Asher likes his food, I enjoy making things for him. This one was an experiment but it turned out really well. Despite my best effort though, Asher ate only 2 and decided he didn’t want it anymore! Hubby and I loved it though and think it’s a great little snack!IMG_1602 (640x427)IMG_3281

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One thought on “Banana Sultanas Cookies + My Breastfeeding Journey”

  1. That’s awesome you’re still breastfeeding! My boy weaned himself off his night feed when he was 13 months old (only a week before I had planned on doing it!), and #2 was also weaned off her last feed at 13 months (milk supply was tapering off anyway and she loves eating). I kinda miss breastfeeding, yet I celebrated having my own boobs and body back and being able to eat/drink without worrying about it being passed on to baby. Also I found I am able to lose weight much easier after weaning #2 because I am not so hungry all the time and I can increase my workouts/decrease my food intake freely because adjusting those two factors even slightly while breastfeeding greatly reduced my milk supply. Breastfeeding takes a certain sort of dedication, and I hope you can keep it up with Asher as long as you both want to!


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