Balinese Curry Spiced Roast Pork (Paleo, Gluten Free)

IMG_1480 (640x427)One of the things I do to manage cooking when I work is to make a big batch of something the night before. The meal needs to be able to extend up to 4 meals (2 dinners and preferably 2 lunches). The protein is probably what I try to cook a big batch of. Vegetables I can generally whip up something pretty quick- it could be a simple sauté dish, oven roasted or a simple salad. 

So far, we have been pretty fortunate to be able to pre amp times when the week could get too hectic for my liking. Much as I love cooking, I look forward to some evenings when I do not need to rush. The rush takes the joy out of cooking. I know that dinner is pretty much done, and I could just rock home, get changed and head straight to the gym. Then it’s home time and all I need to do is to heat up some food, prepare a salad, or make sure I have set the timer in the oven for some roast vegetables to get cooking while I work out. IMG_1476 (640x427)

I made this roast pork a few times now. The first time I did it, my intention was to make use of some herbs that was lying in my freezer and fridge. However, it was such a hit with my family that I had to re trace my steps to remember what I put in there! I have made a big batch before and simmer it with some coconut milk to make a lovely broth for seafood. Other times, I would slap it on some fish or pork cutlets and put it on the grill for a quick friday/saturday night dinner. 

BaIMG_1483 (427x640)

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