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Kiwi Slice with Coconut Crunch Crumble (Paleo, Gluten Free)

IMG_1441 (640x427)I like to think I’m a fun mum. To fully make use of the precious time I have with Asher at home, we play heaps together. However, sometimes when I’m feeling a little down or low in energy, I seem to be at a lost of what are the kind of things we can do together. It has been ages since I document my little games with Asher like what I have done when he was a little baby, and thought I might do the same now that he is a toddler. 

My philosophy to play is simple. Whatever that is fun, stimulating and engaging. I think play allows us to reach to the child’s level, exploring the world from their point of view. It can be seen as educational, but mostly, I think children thrive just with our presence and attention. At home, we do a mixture of structured and free play. Structured play is when I bring out or suggest activities. There are also classes that we go to such as gymbaroo, swimming and an occasional play meet up with other children of Asher’s age. Free play is when Asher has free rein to choose whatever he wants. Sometimes he would engage me in them, and other times, I would let him play by himself. IMG_1443 (640x427)

Structured Play Activities

Lego and Duplo- Asher is at the age where he loves trains. We would put carriages together, build tower blocks or just work on joining pieces together. Sometimes I would ask Asher to give me a particular colour of a block but other times, we would just build things. Motherhood has brought out the builder in me! 

Music Play- This can be structured or free play. I bring out the box of musical instruments and we have fun drumming, tapping and shaking. I get Asher to shake the tambourine up high or left and right. Gymbaroo has taught us well! 

Tickles- Need I say more? 🙂 Nowadays, I incorporate naming body parts to tickles and kisses too. Asher loves this one. 

Reading- We read HEAPS. Asher loves his books. I suspect this fall into more free play than structured because Asher constantly asks us to read. I have “Where is Spot” and “Where is the green sheep” tattoo into my memory……

Colouring- I bring out different types of crayons and pencils. Sometimes we scribble, other times we just stack the crayons up. Asher would name some colours too. 

Ball games- This is endless. We roll, kick, chase, throw balls so often. I would use a mix of small and big balls. Sometimes we would use a basket ball hoop, but more often, we just invent as we go.

Chasey- Classic. I chase him, he chase me. Guess who win more often? 

Sing songs or turn some music on- Current favourite is the Wheels on the Bus. Another one is Old MacDonald has a Farm. We do Twinkle Twinkle and also Itsy Bitsy Spider. Row Row Row a boat he loves too. We do children bible songs. Asher would sometimes attempt to dance along. 

Spinning- I put him on an office chair and SPIN! 

Slide- We have an indoor slide. Asher would practice going up the slide both ways. 

Sensory Play on the High Chair- I give him ice, and sometimes I attempt play doh. He seems to prefer ice than play doh! 

Puppet Show 

We jump, run and practice concepts of stop and go. 

Rough and tumble. He goes upside down, roll left right..I would lift him, squat with him, swing, fly him like a plane…. (It’s quite a workout) 

“Does it fit”- we put different items in containers! That keeps him entertained for ages! He is at the stage where he enjoys opening and closing containers. 

Supermarket- We have a toy that is like a cashier. Asher would tell me he wants banana, milk, grapes..etc. 

Open the fridge game- He LOVES our fridge. He would stand there and attempt to name all the fruits and vegetables we have. 

Water play- As we water the plays, Asher would help by using the watering can or a pail. Sometimes he just like to run around the water as we use a hose to water some plants. 

Hammer Ball- He loves it when I take that game out. We name colours of the balls, practice our hammer skills and even roll the ball down a slide. 

Flash Cards- I never thought I would like using flash cards, but Asher loves them! I think it’s because it’s a single pictorial object with just one word. Less confusion and clutter. We run around the house matching things to the card at times. 

Different textures- Asher would help me out with folding of clothes as I introduce him to different textures but also naming of items of clothing. 

Bubbles is always a favourite.IMG_1442 (640x427)

Free Play

Usually Asher would choose to play with his toys or read. Once, he took a bag and told us “by bye” and pretended to go shopping! 

We try to organise outings to the park, shops and even to friends’ place for some fun out of routine. 

Asher has tried finger, potato and dot painting at day care. I’m sure I would extend that to home sometime in the near future. I noticed he is quite cautious and sensitive to sensory items. He is ok with sand now, but I would like to introduce more play doh, and fine motor things such as lacing. 

I’m very lucky that Asher loves his food. We had 2 kiwis in the fridge that was a tad sour. Not wanting to waste them, I make them into a slice. It was a quick mix recipe and he enjoyed this for his afternoon tea. IMG_1445 (640x427)

[yumprint-recipe id=’17’]


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