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Coconut Matcha Ice Cream (Paleo, Clean Eating, Gluten Free)

IMG_1386 (640x427)If you know my mum, you will know that she is a MASSIVE green tea fan. When she was here, I asked if there is something she would like me to make for her. Her answer is always the same- make that green tea flavour. 

I experimented with this recipe a few times and finally nailed a clean matcha ice cream. The trick however, is to eat it quite quickly. If I leave it to freeze overnight, it doesn’t retain the creamy ice cream texture as much. That doesn’t bother us though, and we would dig in with our soup and eat it with gusto anyway. IMG_1388 (640x427)

The custard was made with a base of coconut milk, almond milk, eggs with a little honey in it. I find that matcha is quite a strong tasting powder, and requires a little sweetness to draw out its flavour. It could also be the matcha powder that I have in my pantry. I suspect it has been there for some time and it retains a slight bitter undertone to it. 

Miss you mum! Can’t wait to see you very soon.IMG_1387 (640x427)

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