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Review: Sunsol 10+ Muesli Range + Homemade Muesli Bars Recipe


This product talk is brought to you by Nuffnang and Sunsol.

We are celebrating the New Year by giving you a chance to eat your way to good health in January.

Towards the end of 2014, I was notified by Nuffnang that Sunsol has recently updated their muesli recipes. Curiously, I accepted their invitation to try the range. I would add that given that I follow the principles of eating clean and paleo, it may appear strange that I would try oats or muesli. The bad camp literature of having oats would discuss digestion issues, sugar spikes and how it comes from the wheat or processed food category.

When it comes to food, I struggle with being in a box strictly. I honestly believe that everyone bodies are different and we have to figure out what works for you. What works for me may be different for you- it takes courage, time and determination with a dose of patience to discover if certain food causes issues for you.

Through some experimentation, I found that I do react to lactose, sugar and some degree of gluten. Reactions to me mean low energy, digestive issues, feeling sluggish, bloatedness and headaches. Rice is a grain that I’m ok with in low quantity. Oats is an interesting one because I’m undecided about it. Before being on eating clean/paleo, we would have oat porridge for breakfast nearly every day for winter. I have since discovered that those sachets that I bought contained heaps of sugar and instant oats just doesn’t quite cut it for stabilising blood sugar levels or my appetite for the matter. However, I added oats to my home made granola as a strategy to increase my milk supply during breastfeeding and I found that not only it did worked in milk supply, I did not have that hunger/sugar slump.

The answer really, is how I eat oats. Small quantity with plenty of seeds, coconut and nuts worked. 


Having receive the offer to try the Sunsol 10+’s new recipes and blend of muesli, I jumped on their website to have a look at the nutritional panel and ingredients list. To my surprise, it was full of good for you ingredients like nuts, coconut, and seeds. I like that it has a range of 6 blends of muesli- which means you can pick the one that suits your dietary requirements the best. It ranges from Ancient Grains, to Nut Lover to different Fruit Blends. I would say that for the fruit ranges, the sugar content can be still a tad high (because fruit does contain sugar after all), but the Nut Lover and Ancient Grain Blends contain 1.9grams and 11 grams respectively per 100grams. The fruit sugar ranged from 17-20 grams per 100 grams. I noted that the Fruit Lover has the highest amount but the Orchard Fruits and Almonds have the least in that range.

I compared it with other muesli ranges (Since I make my own these days, I’m a little out of touch with the market range. Do note that the Sunsol range featured in the comparison was their old recipe) and do think that the current Sunsol 10+  range stands out with their new blends and lower sugar content approach.

I would say that the Nut Lover blend is my favourite because it has a good mix of 10 different ingredients including almonds, walnuts, macadamias and cashews. Ancient Grains come in a close second. I’m a fan of high nutrient dense food and the ingredients list on Ancient Grains is pretty impressive with amaranth and chia.

IMG_1379 (640x427)

So how do I eat it? Remember how I said portion size is important? It is rare for me to eat a bowl of muesli by itself. I would prefer to pair it with some fat. What I have done is to sprinkle a tablespoon or two on my yogurt. I would have it with blueberries. I like the crunch from the nuts and that it is not sweet at all (From the Nut Lover Blend)

I have also done it in overnight oats style. I call it Salted Almond Butter Overnight Oats– mixing the 1 cup of Ancient Grains Blend with 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, 1/2 of coconut milk, 1/2 cup of almond milk, 1 tablespoon of nut butter, and a pinch of salt. It is so simple that I’m not sure if I call it a recipe.  This makes a lovely summer breakfast for my hubby who is on the go in the morning at 6am. I sprinkled with some toasted coconut and blueberries. Hubby is not usually an overnight oats person and in his words, he said “I can get used to this!”


Given that Sunsol 10+ Muesli was so generous in giving me 6 packets, I have also experimented and made some muesli slices. In my world, this is considered as a treat food. Asher loves baby muesli bars and I’m trying to reduce reliance on baby package food when we are out and a bouts. Hence, I used some muesli to make little bars for him. My parents also enjoyed it for their afternoon tea. It is a great travelling snack/portable breakfast.

IMG_1377 (640x427)

I made a batch for hubby’s work colleagues and it was a hit! He came back saying that people were surprised by the crunch texture and natural sweetness coming from the honey and fruits. My parents requested the same batch for them to bring back home! I guess if I could sway MORE people to eat better, rely less on packaged sugar filled muesli bars, I’m happy.

IMG_1381 (640x427)


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If you have come to the end of my post, lucky you! ONE very lucky reader will receive 

1 x hamper which includes: 4 packets of Muesli, together with a Storage Container and a Spoon

For your chance to win, tell me “Which is your favourite Sunsol 10+ Muesli and why?” 


 *for Australian residents.


5 thoughts on “Review: Sunsol 10+ Muesli Range + Homemade Muesli Bars Recipe”

  1. Classic Fruit & Nut is my favourite Museli from Sunsol 10+ because there is no added sugar in it & has dietary fibres for good digestion & it makes a delicious breakfast when served with banana slices and milk.


  2. With over 10 delicious ingredients like cashews, oats and wheat
    The Nut Lover’s Blend can’t be beat!
    It’s great for my health, and my family’s too
    That’s why no other muesli brand will do!


  3. My favorite Sunsol 10+ muesli would be Classic fruit and nut as I like the natural sweetness from the fruit and added nutrients from the nuts. Can’t wait to try your bars, hope I win! 🙂


  4. My fav Sunsol 10+ would be the nutlover’s blend! It’s got all my fav nuts in it (pretty much every nut), and it a perfect base for me to add other dried and fresh fruits with my yoghurt =)


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