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Date and Orange Fruit Bars (Paleo, Clean Eating, Raw)

IMG_1152 (427x640)I posted these on Instagram a few weeks back. I’m actually quite fond of them. They are sort of lara bars- since they have a good source of natural sugar energy from the dates. I noticed that Asher gravitates towards packaged fruit bars and decided to make some at home. Making snacks for a toddler can have its challenges as he is soooo honest about what he likes and dislikes!

Like it- easy, He eats it.

Dislikes- on the floor, shaking his head, pushing my hand away, spitting and even practising his throwing skills.

IMG_1156 (640x427)

This one? It belongs to the “that depends on my mood” category. I wouldn’t say he dislikes it, but he certainly has it days when he would eat it and days where he would not. What I would do differently, is to have a little more coconut to firm it up further. I think he likes a soft but chewy texture of a bar. I would also reduce the amount of dates. 5 is plenty. I would go with 2-3 for that amount.

IMG_1159 (640x427)

Date and Orange Fruit Bars (makes 16 small squares)

3/4 cup of desiccated coconut

5 medjool dates soaked in warm water and chopped

1/4 cup of orange juice and zest.

dash of vanilla

Blitzed everything in a food processor. Spoon onto a lined container and fridge it till firm.


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