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Ginger Chicken

Was it just last year that I was in confinement? Where my grandmother was present, fussing around me and Asher? I had a newborn in my arms and surrounded by family bliss?

Ginger Chicken1
Ginger Chicken1

Those 12 weeks were the best weeks we ever had as a family.

My dear friend had her baby. She lost her parents years ago and with that means her immediate family are her husband and her newborn daughter. I wanted to do something close to our Cantonese heritage for her. I believe that food heals and the first month post birth requires extra nourishment. Confinement food is comforting. It’s how women in our culture tell each other we care. We cook and bring food. I hope it gives a little taste of home and where she is from.

IMG_0552 (640x427)

I re-tweaked this recipe given to me by my late grandmother. As I made this and taste, I smiled. She is here. Her blood running through my veins has perhaps influenced me more than what I thought it has. And there it was, the comfort wasn’t just for my friend. It was for me too.

IMG_0548 (640x427)

Ginger Chicken (serves 5-6)

1.5 kgs of chicken drumlets

250 grams knob of ginger

1 cup of ginger wine

1 cup of DOM liquor

1 cup of water

2 tsp of sesame oil

1 generous spoon of minced garlic

50 grams of black fungus re hydrated with water


Saute garlic with sesame oil till brown. Brown ginger and chicken drumlets. Smell and inhale the ginger. Add all liquid and simmer in a pressure cooker for 30 minutes. Let the pressure go and cool a little. Open the lid and continue to simmer the chicken for another 10-15 minutes, adding the black fungus as well.



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