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Asher’s 1st Birthday Bash- Mostly a Paleo Party

Well, 90% paleo! There were some items that were not, but overall, most of the food was healthy and nourishing. All photos are taken by our friend from Steins Photography. I think he did a fantastic  job! He was gentle and non-intrusive and has a keen eye for details. It’s like he knows what  and how we would like to remember the party. We were busy hosting and now looking at these photos brought us some lovely memories.

IMG_0734 (427x640)

We decided on an aviation theme because 1) Asher loves pointing to the sky and saying “ane” whenever we go for walks. 2) He has been on the plane 10 times in 6 months. 3) We want him to grow up knowing that his immediate family members are only a flight away (and facetime).

IMG_0700 (640x427)This celebration is for us just as it is for him. We wanted to thank everyone for supporting us in this journey of parenthood. It was also a shout out to say Hooray! We survived the first year! But more importantly, for Asher to know that he is well loved and cared for.

IMG_0726 (640x427)

The decorations were easy. We ordered and put up balloons and buntings. A friend who started her own business “Little Merry Go Rounds” provided a personalised banner and inflatable planes as decorations. I spent some time on Word and printed out food tags and personalised name tags for the kids party bags. The pompoms were there already as the play room’s decoration.

IMG_0741 (427x640)

We have the following for mains

1) Red Cabbage and Carrot Salad with Lemon Coconut Dressing (Yes, corn is not paleo, but we can tolerate a little corn)

IMG_0746 (640x427)

2) Prawn Quinoa Salad with Cherry Balsamic Olive Oil Dressing

3) Stir Fry Vegetables (Brought by our cousins)

4) Curry Chicken (Brought by our cousins)

5) Rojak (A fruit based Salad)- (brought by our cousins)

IMG_0747 (640x427)

6) Sushi (We ordered)

7) Roast Duck, BBQ Pork and Roast Pork (We ordered)

8) Kale and Carrot Frittata (Kid friendly)

9) Indian Inspired Meatballs with Cherry Tomatoes Skewers (Kid friendly)

10) Miso Sirracha Drumlets

IMG_0744 (640x427)


1) Gluten Free Orange and Almond Cake made with Coconut Sugar (We ordered from Rainbow Designsbykez!)

IMG_0706 (640x427)

2) Chocolate and Avocado Mousse (Kid friendly)

IMG_0709 (640x427)

3) Airplane Cookies (Kid Friendly)

IMG_0711 (640x427)

4) Fruits

5) Kuehs (Brought by our Auntie)- They are sweet little Asian bites made with glutinous rice and coconut topping.

IMG_0710 (427x640)

All in all, a simple menu. I was very happy with the cake as it was made without any refined sugar (the cake itself not the fondant!!!!) and it was a HIT! I would have love to make it but I really didn’t want the stress for his first party. I made all the salads, frittata, meatballs, chicken, airplane cookies and mousse. The mousse was an interesting one because I received mixed reviews. Some people loved it, and of course, some people wasn’t quite convinced.

IMG_0927 (640x427)

We had a little hiccup with the cake. The fondant had a huge air bubble! While it was noticable, the cake still received great reviews- it was moist and not overly sweet. I was afraid we would have heaps of cake left but many took second helpings. The vendor was so sweet and apologetic about it too. I feel for her as I think she was more gutted than we were. We had a few slices left which we gave to our friends and hubby had his in his snack box for the next few days. I’m glad it wasn’t overly sweet and is semi healthy YET delicious.

IMG_0758 (427x640)

Hubby feeding Asher some of the Kale and Carrot Frittata

Hubby also made his signature “Lemon Lime Mint and Honey Drink”. For the 10lt beverage dispenser, it contains 2 tablespoons of honey but heaps of plain no sugar added sparkling water, lemon, lime juice and mint.

IMG_0846 (427x640)

If you are wondering what did I pack for the little kids to take away? Keeping to our goals of wanting the party to be as healthy as possible, I packed little gift packs of tiny toy planes, bubbles, mini clappers and a party blower. My bargain hunt was the vintage luggage case that cost me $10! I’m using that to store some of Asher’s toys now.

IMG_0827 (640x427)


As for us, we are just simply still in love with our little family. Yes, there are many challenges and life has changed but we wouldn’t exchanged it for anything.

IMG_0923 (640x427)

So there we go! Our first kids party!

IMG_0926 (640x427)xx



4 thoughts on “Asher’s 1st Birthday Bash- Mostly a Paleo Party”

  1. I had no idea you had a blog Daphne, and a very interesting one at that! You are absolutely amazing to do this and be a mother and wife. I will be reading it regularly from now on 🙂


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