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Bacon Egg Breakfast Wrap

I was watching my colleague having her breakfast one morning. It was a very expensive $15 breakfast wrap. One that she was not very impressed with. Searching for a quick sunday lunch idea, I thought of making a similar version at home.

We do our weekly shopping at Subiaco Station Street Markets. More recently, there was an addition of a travelling butcher from down south. Organic, grass fed and free range meats fresh from the farm! How cool is that. We bought a packet of bacon there for $15- huge! and honestly, once we went organic and grass fed meats, it is hard to go back.

Grilling some bacon, an egg and fresh tomato on hand, I wrapped all the goodies up with some cheese, and drizzle with some mayo and bbq sauce. I had mine “naked” without the wrap and loved it nevertheless.

Bacon Egg Breakfast Wrap 
2 slices of free range wood smoked bacon- grilled
2 eggs fried
1 tomato sliced
2-3 slivers of cheddar cheese
drizzle of mayo and bbq sauce
2 tortilla wraps

Wrapped it all up. Place under the toasted for a few minutes. Enjoy a quick and easy breakfast/brunch/lunch!



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