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Summer Lemon Lemonade

This actually isn’t my recipe. It’s my hubby. We were hosting a bbq lunch one afternoon and he came out with a drink. Well, actually, it was because our friends gave us a HUGE bag of lemons and we have to use it all up pretty soon.

I love the mix of lime and lemon plus the carbonated feel of the soda water. Thankfully, we bought one without sugar so really, it’s just gas and water. Shessh. We used honey to sweeten the drink.

Summer Lemon Limenade 
2 lemons juiced
1 lemon sliced
4 limes juiced
1 lime sliced
1 litre of soda water
3 tablespoon of honey diluted with a little warm water
some water

Mix all up. Drink!

To everyone who celebrate Chinese New Year- Happy Happy Year ahead for everyone with blessings and prosperity! 



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