Lotus Peanut Pork Ribs

I know. It’s summer. Yet we are having lotus peanut soup. It reminds me of home. It’s the kind of soup we grow up with. Slow cooked with lots of flavour, it’s a clear broth with the nutrients from lotus root and ribs.

You see, when I was a child, I can never understands why my family enjoys drinking hot soup on a hot humid day. I’m not sure why singaporeans in hawker centres love having bowls of noodle soup either. Sitting in a hot stuffy hawker centre, the last thing I wanted was something steaming hot.

I was naive. Hot soup warms the soul up. It is often full of nutrients and best of all, low in saturated fat.

Back to the lotus peanut soup. Truth be told, it was just getting a little tricky coming home on time and cooking dinner on time. Because it’s so hot, we find ourselves not really wanting to have a full meal at the end of the day. Suddenly, a common side dish that we have for dinner growing up became our main meal.

Lotus Peanut Pork Ribs (serves 6)
600 grams of pork ribs
200 grams of lotus
100 grams (1 cup) of raw peanuts soaked for a few hours
3-4 seedless red dates
small handful of wolf berries
1 litre of water

Blanched ribs with hot water first.
Placed everything in a slow cooker (I used my thermal cooker). I had mine from morning till night but I think it is just as good after 4-5 hours. Serve with some cut chill and soy sauce!


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