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Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

I can’t believe my little break turns out to be at least two weeks… or is it three? Well, during this period of time, I have been super busy preparing for Christmas- one that I neglected to take any photos. I regret it fully. After all, it was our house warming as well. However, I was in host mode, and was everywhere talking, making sure the food was served and of course having a good time.

My in laws and brother in law came by too and it was such a nice family affair. While there are many horror in laws stories out there, I’m really blessed with marrying a lovely guy and into a wonderful family. Unfortunately it did get too hot for them- Perth hit 40C on Christmas week and into a heatwave for the whole week!!!! I am so glad the weather has cooled down now.

Every year, I like to look at my highlights of 2012… and while I’m a little late this time round, better late than never right?

Highlights 2012

– My hubby turned 30!

– We officially….moved into our NEW HOUSE. It took us awhile..and then the madness began with the moving process, settling in… and now, just enjoying it. Now, extended family can visit us and have some space.

– We celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary at Margaret River.

— We splurged (something we are not used to) and went to NYC and LA. Was caught in the 2nd aftermath of Storm Sandy and enjoyed the snow.

– At work, I took on the role of clinical manager for a few months and learned so much from my fellow colleagues and other team members.
– Won an award at work
– Fell in love with boxing and the team at my gym together with two other girlfriends said we have the best improved technique! (yes, do not mess with us. :p)
– Stopped weighing myself and not be too obsess with my weight.
– Started lifting weights- heavy weights.
– Seeing my friends have babies!!!
– Eating cleaner and less processed food.
– Learning how to respect my hubby more and be careful on my use of words.


Let’s have a look at my goals last year:

Other highlights?
  • I made roast! It crackles! 
  • Seeing the ice cream churn! 

My goals for 2013?

  • Continue to eat clean food by using less processed ingredients and fresh ones.
  • Fulfil last year goal of making creme brûlée! I still have to find butene……. 
  • Definitely more home styled asian dishes. I don’t think I did enough last year. And if I can, make more kuehs! Oh, perhaps making bak kwa! 
  • Definitely more baking. 
  • Keeping it simple. Reduce commitments and learn how to breathe more
  • Maybe looking at developing my blog further. 
  • Praying more with my hubby. 
  • Embracing more life challenges and excitement in 2013!
Wishing you an AWESOME 2013. One filled with good food, laughs and memories. One that you will look back and smile and go… I had a good year!! 



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