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Steam Chicken with Chicken Essence

A simple steam chicken is often welcomed at dinner time. Comfort food can be easily done with simple ingredients. Having a few bottles of chicken essence left in my pantry, I wondered what it would be like to lightly marinate chicken with it and steam it. Surely it would create a lovely gravy?

True enough, it lifts the flavour of steam chicken. I added some goji berries and also enoki mushrooms to go along with it.

It’s funny how when the weather turns warmer, I like to experiment with more chinese dishes. Yes, I still adore my salads (since it is so simple to make), but there is something special about a nice stew, rendang, or bowl of herbal soup. This dish, is like the best of both worlds- herbal taste with steam chicken with a lovely gravy.

Steam Chicken with Chicken Essence 
600 grams of chicken thighs chopped
1 bottle of chicken essence
50 grams enoki mushrooms
handful of goji berries

Marinate chicken with chicken essence for 10 minutes. Place everything in a steam proof dish and steam for 15-20 minutes. Season with salt. Serve with veges.



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