Date and Chocolate Slice

What does a girl do when she craves chocolate….? She makes chocolate slice.  Better still, a slice that does not need baking.

I have been distracted lately. We moved to our new home and is finally feeling more settled in after…. 3 months. It has been a challenging year for hubby and I- it just seem that every month, there is a curveball thrown at us. Individual work situations, family,friends, house, business,  It’s life after all, and if it is all smooth sailing, it would have been too boring.

As Christians, we believe that God is testing us. Our faith, our commitment. Gosh, even our marriage. And there are moments that we falter, but mostly we stay strong and continue to march forward.

What do we do to keep ourselves sane?
– cut back on our commitments and decide to stay grounded. Back to basics. Prayers, time together, simple dinners, routine.
– Precious alone time at the gym. The natural endorphins is much needed.
– For him, some alone time but getting involved in projects that he used to do but neglected to as we get busier.
– For me, a short trip to see my family. Grandma just had a knee re construction and it was very calming  and re assuring, just to see her. And on that note, she rocked. Totally. Strongest grandmother ever- walked after the 2nd day after the operation. My hero.
– For us, chats. and more chats.
– Surround ourselves with the positives. Be it friends, family or professionals.
– Chocolate.
– A dessert high in protein, low in sugar, filling and delicious.

No Bake- Date and Chocolate Slice 
5 Merdjool dates-pitted and chopped
1/4 cup of almond butter- make your own or cheat like me..from a jar.
2 tablespoon of dark cocoa or cacao powder
Chopped pieces of roasted cashews

Mix it all up. Press onto brownie tray. Freeze for 30 minutes. Cut into slices and serve.


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